Looking for Connection, Balance, Stamina and Health? Try Yoga.

DTI doula and prenatal yoga teacher Theresa Church explains the benefits of yoga for us all, even those who are new to the practice.

Physical activity is essential to well-being, whether you’re expecting  a baby or simply want to improve stamina and add balance to the busy-ness of your daily life. One of the best aspects of yoga is that it can be safely modified for the personal comfort and safety of the individual. You do not need to have prior experience to start taking classes at home or in a studio. Whether you’re a doula looking to provide information on prenatal yoga to your clients or wanting to get started yourself, here are some benefits to consider.


If you’re looking for a healthy way to kick your self-care routine up a notch, there’s really no better option than yoga. Overloading your schedule is not the goal. Rather, pausing to slow down and become more aware of your physical and emotional well-being can have the effect of creating more productivity overall. Pregnant people (or anyone, for that matter) may want to look for a yoga class that encompasses meditation, pranayama, asana and a supported Savasana to round it all out. You will leave class feeling a greater sense of confidence and renewal. Following class, draw yourself a warm bath and climb into bed to finish your self-care routine!


Pregnancy, parenthood, and entrepreneurship are all experiences which may carry loneliness. Even if you’re not feeling that way, we all crave connection with others in similar situations. Yoga provides a safe place for that to occur, allowing you to open up to yourself and others. In a prenatal class for instance, it is often the case that someone else is experiencing the same excitement, fear, anxiety and/or physical changes or they can relate from previous pregnancies. Yoga class is also an open forum for discussion and referrals which leads to friendships both in and outside of class. Taking the time to connect with others and create a base of support can enhance your confidence, community, and your health!


Yoga works to circulate blood flow from your heart to the rest of your body through physical asana. By the end of class, your blood circulates back to the heart so that by the time you’re enjoying Savasana, you’re left with that “blissed out” feeling. There is no better reason to come to yoga than to enjoy some time for relaxation. Pregnancy in particular is a time of change that can be better navigated with a peaceful mind, body and soul. Even if it’s just for an hour or so each week, give yourself permission to escape the never ending “to-do” list and either take a class, or practice from the comfort of home. Make it a point to be fully present on your mat by focusing on your breath.

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