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After training, doulas are all too often left underprepared for the environments they'll be working in, with no idea how to build resilience for the unexpected. Inconsistent doula education may not include issues of birth equity, access, and healthcare disparities. If it's covered, doulas are left unsure of how to respond to these challenges in the real world.

DTI full-spectrum doula trainings prepare reproductive health companions and birth workers for the systems they'll be navigating. Examining issues of reproductive justice in all that we do, our learning environments stay open to the diverse experiences of participants, so that we can learn from each other and grow stronger together.

We teach all DTI doulas how to practice our Slow Doula Method,® which has the power to support not only ourselves but also our clients. 

DTI’s yearlong program offers monthly resources, education, mentor support, and a straightforward path to lifetime certification, to propel you forward into a meaningful, sustainable practice.

Over a decade ago, DTI created the first online training linking reproductive health, birth, and postpartum education together. Today we continue to push boundaries and advocate for change.

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