Build Together. Learn Together. Support Together. Rally Together. Doula Together.

When we became doulas over a decade ago, the world and this industry looked very different. We’ve watched the birthworld take ten steps forward, and nine steps back. Rinse. Repeat. 

To call it an emotional journey, would be a gross understatement. But for all the frustration and heartbreak this community has faced (and continues to face) there has been so much collaboration, growth, and joy. Which is why every day we’re fighting for another step forward. 

From the beginning, we have been committed to making doula education more thoughtful, modern, and inclusive. 

Amongst other things, we created the first full-spectrum doula curriculum that linked reproductive health, birth, and postpartum education together. We started the Born Into This non-profit organization, dedicated to reproductive justice and representation. We’ve provided training to more than 3,000 doulas. And we’re not done yet.

Today we continue to push boundaries and advocate for change.

We remain committed to autonomy, radical inclusivity, reproductive justice, collaborative entrepreneurship, and intentional growth. And we will continue to develop evolutionary education and resources to address the needs of modern doulas and the families they support. 

Together we’ll advocate, educate, and change the world.  We hope you’ll join us.