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We're thrilled to be partnered with these incredible individuals, organizations, and tools that help support doulas and working families.

The Little Timmy Project (TLTP)

Over a quarter of the state of Indiana is with little or no access to maternity health services. TLTP is a nonprofit organization addressing the maternal and infant health crisis in Indiana.

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Their platform makes it easy for birth workers, parenting coaches, and other expert consultants to launch, run, and grow their parent-support businesses. Nessle Experts bring inclusive, judgment-free guidance on all things parenthood right to families’ fingertips via a HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly platform.

DTI members who sign up to build their storefront will get a special rate!

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The Educated Birth

The Educated Birth creates and curates inclusive reproductive health education and storytelling content. We create infographics and illustrations that reproductive health workers can purchase to use as teaching tools. We also publish educational information for the general public through writing, video, and audio — including but not limited to Life's Work documentary, and Everyday Birth Magazine.

The Educated Birth has two special offers for you:
15% Off tool kits & 50% OFF INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP

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HappySneeze is a Pelvic Health Program that provides education, guidance, and support for people with Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI, aka pee leaks that happen when downward pressure in your vaginal area occurs, such as when you jump, sneeze, or cough.

The Program is supervised by a trained Healthcare provider, delivered in a friendly mobile app, and it counts on continuous support from a Nurse via chat or email.

Happysneeze is offering a remote program designed for busy parents of young children, offered at NO COST for DTI Members

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BADT is a Black-owned, queer-run doula training organization whose mission is to be socially conscious, culturally appropriate, diverse, and action-oriented. We train our students to serve their clients using the best practices available while preparing them to be active partners in the movement to change birth and reproductive health culture locally, nationally and globally.

DTI Members receive 20% off four select courses with BADT

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They create and facilitate interdisciplinary, socially-engaged programs rooted in fostering relationships, lifelong learning and the significance of the environment.

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Through partnerships with health providers and aggressive awareness campaigns, they will empower every expectant family with the equitable, evidenced-based medical care and education they need to advocate for a healthy pregnancy, giving parents and babies the best possible chance to make it home safely together.

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Not One More Project

They connect Black moms to resources, educate communities about Black maternal health issues, and advocate for the best outcomes for Black moms and Black families.

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Don't Talk About the Baby

The first documentary to explore the cultural stigmas surrounding pregnancy loss and infertility. It's time to #ShatterTheStigma


MINKA Brooklyn

A community-centered and spiritually-driven space for wellness and harmonious living. Here we gather, learn and consciously evolve as a community. We strive to co-create an environment where ALL people can safely heal, thrive, and activate their brilliance.

They are here to catalyze the remembrance and fortification of our inherent healing capacities for individual and social evolution.

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Go Milk Yourself

Go Milk Yourself is a company that expands possibilities. There obsessed with making sure everyone can feed their babies with freedom and ease!

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MOMCares serves under-supported mothers with NICU experiences in Baltimore City by providing prenatal and postpartum doula care including transportation, advocacy, self-care opportunities, and nutritious meals to mothers and their families.

Our mission is to reverse the crisis of Black maternal health nationwide by providing life-saving services.

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Amelia Mattocks Doula

Amelia helps families have an empowering birth and postpartum experience. When I'm a part of the birth and postpartum support team, my clients don't feel scared and worried about birth and bringing home a new baby.

She will advocate, educate, and empower so YOU can experience a calm and supported birth.

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Born Into This

Located in Austin, TX, Born into This is on a mission to revolutionize our relationship to our body and reproductive health. Through a collective of conversations, we talk about all the things our world has tried to keep silent. 

From challenging the patriarchy to navigating night sweats, understanding our reproductive health connects us to our bodies. It influences how we see the world, how we see ourselves—and even how others see us. 

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Mama Sana

Get the care you need and deserve.
Mama Sana provides free pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support to people of color. Our work at Mama Sana Vibrant Woman seeks to directly address these disparities and to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for communities of color in central Texas.

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