We believe everyone deserves compassionate, evidence-based support at all stages of life—no matter their gender, race, religion, class or sexual orientation. DTI offers flexible training online and in person, preparing doulas to reimagine the role of reproductive care work.

We are a community unified in a commitment to these values:

Reproductive Justice. 

We acknowledge birth as a reproductive justice issue, affected by barriers based on race, class, religion, traditions, gender identity and sexual orientation.

At DTI, we create learning environments and cultivate materials and support which help our trainees navigate the deeply troubling issues we face together as birth workers. We support increasing access to culturally responsive midwifery care and doulas. In 2024, we are especially focused on maternity care deserts, aiming to raise awareness in support of organizations like our partners at the Little Timmy Project and others working to address healthcare gaps.

Cultural Humility. 

DTI scholarships for BIPOC doulas and trans/two-spirited doulas are a key part of the DTI model, in support of increased access to culturally responsive doulas with the proven potential to lessen health disparities. We are committed to understanding and working to reflect the many intersections that exist within birth work throughout our offerings.

We teach through a reproductive justice lens at all of our trainings, prioritize mentorship for our doulas, and cultivate a panel of educators united in their commitment to these goals.


The beauty (and a pain point) of birth work is the chance to mold your support to fit your community's needs. DTI believes in every doula's innate abilities; you don't need us (or anyone else) to tell you how to doula. But doulas DO need support to thrive! (See Collaborative Entrepreneurship below)

Collaborative Entrepreneurship. 

DTI membership exists because we believe doulas need other doulas. We believe in the power of connection and community. We believe birth workers have the autonomy to create a practice that works for them. We have a lot to offer, with expert level topics offered every month. Everything from how to strategize for what success means to you, to how to get on track with your finances, to confronting bias in baby sleep! Join us!

We regularly collaborate with organizations, individuals and advocates on matters of social justice, reform and birth disparity awareness. We teach our trainees to do the same—to network across, to work toward improving care for all and to cultivate community.

Intentional Growth.

 As a community and staff of thought leaders, researchers and social justice advocates, we believe in intentionally growing our business and doula practices with intersectionality and inclusivity in mind. We incorporate this into our teachings, as well as our strategy as an organization.