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Doula Trainings International

Instructor Supported Full Spectrum Doula Training

Instructor Supported Full Spectrum Doula Training

The full expression of DTI! Offered online or in person, you can receive 3 certifications–birth doula, postpartum doula, and reproductive health doula–in 12 months. If choosing online, the course will provide a reproductive health knowledge base, as well as training to provide support before, during, and after any reproductive health event, including birth, postpartum, abortion, fertility, etc. You'll learn the same at our 4-day workshops! With all our courses, you'll also become a member of DTI's learning community.

By registering for a DTI full-spectrum program, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

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  • Birth Equity

    We'll prioritize the importance of cultural humility in our work as doulas. Discussing health disparities, naming implicit bias, and beyond.

  • Core Concepts for DTI Doulas

    This coursework includes the Slow Doula Method, The Power of Language, and addresses how Doulas act as advocates.

  • How to Support Reproductive Health

    We'll cover cycle awareness, supporting through infertility, miscarriage & loss, ways to support before or after termination, and more.

  • Birth Anatomy and Physiology

    In this section, you'll learn the basics of fetal positions, hormones, the cervix, the pelvis, signs and stages of the labor process, as well as some essentials on pain medication and other interventions.

  • Life as a Doula

    We'll talk about the role of a doula, having back-up, and self care.

  • Body Feeding

    Students and teachers will discuss how doulas can help with breastfeeding, chest feeding, and other forms of infant feeding.

  • Business Building

    Our team will break down branding, networking, interviewing, and more to help you build a thriving business.

  • Download the Full Curriculum

    Want to request a full copy of the syllabus?

    You can do so here 

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Common Questions About Our Full Spectrum Training

What's included?

- 1 year of membership with doula resources

- Your comprehensive online course + Zoom training calls or a 4-day intensive workshop

- Your 12 month community mentorship program (3x virtual calls each month)

- DTI Digital Guides to help you through your training and to use with clients

- DTI Certification Guide

- Certification for life once you are certified through DTI, you never have to recertify!

What's the difference between online and in person programs?

When you register for any DTI training, you're signing up for a 12-month program.

If you join us online, your training course opens on the start date, guiding you through 3 months of modules. During this time, you'll have access to a dedicated educator to support you with monthly Zoom calls and weekly discussion starters.

If you attend a 4-day intensive workshop experience, the training days are equivalent content to the online semester.

After the 4-day intensive or after your semester online, all students continue receiving weekly support from our team of educators. We host mentor Q&A Zoom calls 3x per month and answer questions daily on our community group. See you there!

What are the certification requirements?

1) If choosing to train online, you must complete the entire training which includes engaging with the content and support provided. This can include either live participation in monthly calls or watching the replays. You will also complete the learn-at-your-own pace modules and discuss them with your cohort. If training workshop-style, attendance at all 4 days is required.

Note: For online students, the training call schedule will be set during the first week after your cohort launches.

2) After training, you must start your work as a doula independently in your community. We recommend that you begin this no later than the end of month 3 if training online. You'll need to provide documentation of attendance as the primary doula at 2-3 births. If 3, this is complete. If 2, you can add 1 additional reproductive health event such as infertility support.

3) You'll also provide documentation of work with at least 2 clients postpartum (these can be either the same individuals as your labor/birth clients, or different clients).

Your support must occur during the 12-month certification period only. Documentation may be done either by the forms filled out by the clients you work with, or alternatively by you, the doula.

4) Submit a journal entry from the doula's perspective on each event you attend for certification.

5) Complete the reading checklist and create a resource referral list to share with your clients, to include a broad range of reproductive health support (practitioners, providers, or other supportive resources).

6) Observe and document attendance at a childbirth education class or series in your community.

7) Attend and complete an Infant and Child CPR Certification.

8) Observe a class for expectant or new parents. This could be a new parent support group, a breastfeeding class, or a newborn care class in your community.

--These classes can be completed virtually. Live/synchronous with a teacher and pregnant/postpartum people is strongly preferred over pre-recorded content.

9) With our guidance, you will write a simple Business Strategy Outline to set you on the right path when leaving the program.

10) You will also write 2 brief essays: one describing the role of the doula and another sharing how you wish to make an impact in your community as a doula.

That's it! Once your documents are completed and submitted through our system, a DTI team member will review and approve within 4-6 weeks.

What pacing can I expect for the online program?

In most cases the course material can be completed in 1 semester or roughly 3 months. However, you will have access to your online course modules for the full 12 months. This is helpful for those who need more time to digest their learnings. During months 1 through 3 (your Training Semester), you will receive guided support from your educator. Please make every effort to attend the synchronous training support calls via Zoom. These will be scheduled after the cohort launches. Classmates & educator will circle up in the virtual platform, do intros, and vote on the call times. You will get the most out of your experience if you follow the suggested pacing of the course modules and attend the calls to dive deeper in a group setting.

During months 4 through 12 (your Certifying Time), you will continue receiving support from the entire team of DTI educators! We host certification support calls 3x every month. These calls happen on the 2nd Tuesday, the 3rd Thursday, and the 4th Saturday of every month. They are not required to certify but are very helpful for support, troubleshooting, building community and discovering how other doulas are finding their first clients.

During the Certifying Time, you work on your own to complete your checklist of requirements. When completed you will submit no later than the 12-month mark after you started. Your checklist includes but is not limited to completing client care, observing a birthing class offered in your community, offering doula support to your first clients, completing your required reading, and building a resource referral list.

How long is the training?

DTI’s online training starts with 3 months of guided support and intensive coursework. DTI's 4-day intensive option is offered in select locations (locations coming soon).

Your training includes a top-quality curriculum formatted for either in person or virtual learning, including Cultural Humility, our Slow Doula Method,™ DTI’s core concepts and all the how-tos of managing a doula business, supported by live video calls with a DTI educator. Online students have access to this content for a full 12 months. As you complete studies, you're encouraged to work in the field as soon as possible to begin gaining the experience required for full certification. We'll strategize with you on how to do this.

All students are eligible by the end of the 12 months to submit completed documentation to receive lifetime certification (full requirements listed above).

Will I need to re-certify?

You'll never have to recertify (if you’re working as a doula, you’re staying current), but you'll continue to find support and resources through DTI's annual membership renewal. One year of access to this membership is included with your registration.

How large are DTI cohorts?

We prioritize connection and community in our trainings which is why we keep our cohorts small. You'll train with no more than 10 other aspiring doulas to ensure you get 1:1 attention with your instructor and peers.