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June 20: homebirth masterclass for doulas // workshop

June 20: homebirth masterclass for doulas // workshop

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Homebirth Masterclass will be Thursday, June 20th at 12pm CT /  1pm ET / 7pm CET

Facilitated by hypnobirthing educator Jenny Bennett, this workshop will help doulas build a more confident approach to working with clients who desire unmedicated and low-intervention birth, particularly in home settings. We will develop a much deeper understanding of what home birth support can look like, going far beyond the Instagram facade. Together we will walk through terminology, scenarios, unpack our biases, and learn how to support with even more sensitivity and reverence for the birthing process and the clients we serve.

Workshop goals:

-Review types of homebirth care providers, licensure and scopes of practice, establish related terminology and definitions
-Role play scenarios, both common and uncommon, to prepare for how to respond as a doula
-Unpack unconscious bias, both for and against home birth
-Establish best practices for working as an integral part of the team, while remaining firmly in the doula's role
-Freshen up skills to promote comfort for unmedicated birth


This workshop is led by Jenny Bennett, CD/CBE (DTI), co-founder of HelloBirth, and managing director for DTI

Jenny brings years of experience as a doula specializing in low-intervention birth both in and outside of the hospital setting. She brings a balanced perspective as a researcher, trained writer, and supporter/labor coach for all types of families. Through her work as creator of HelloBirth hypnobirthing parent classes and instructor program, she has honed in on the elements of preparation that set families up for more ease and comfort during birth, help them to minimize stress in pregnancy while also developing resilience for the unexpected.

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