Doula Membership and Mentorship

Calling all birth workers: the DTI community is for all y’all!

Does your doula training organization cover perimenopause, fatphobia, planning for retirement – and more? Ours does! If you’re trained as a doula already and looking for support, mentorship and a like-minded community, DTI's got you! You don't have to train with DTI to become a DTI member and benefit from all it has to offer.

Why Choose DTI's Membership?

  • It's super affordable. $19.99/month gets you access to continuing education, continued mentorship, and growing business resources (valued at over $240)
  • Membership includes access to a special virtual workshop each month ($360 value annually). You'll also get access to replays of past workshops like “Preparing for a Work Optional Future” with Jen Mayer of Fully Funded, and more).
  • Access to monthly mentorship calls with our membership community where you can connect with fellow doulas to collaborate, brainstorm, and discuss.
  • Perks like a full color business guide “Your Thriving Doula Practice”
  • Special offers from our partners

Save 8% when you sign up for a year!

Pssst: Membership is free for your first year when you complete a doula training with DTI

Our Mission + Values

We believe that families deserve compassionate, evidenced-based support at all stages of life—no matter their gender, race, religion, class or sexual orientation. Together, we are cultivating culturally humble communities that reimagine the role of reproductive work.

Who are DTI community members?

Human rights advocates. We acknowledge birth as a reproductive justice issue, affected by barriers based on race, class, religion, traditions, gender identity and sexual orientation. Our community offerings dive deep into historical and cultural context because it matters. Our scholarship programs for trans doulas and BIPOC doulas exist because they need to.

Supporters, not saviors. DTI teaches specific skills for learning to be present to meet the needs of clients and facilitate meaningful conversations with the care providers. We know our stuff—from birth options to the latest evidence-based research—and we believe that the client is ultimately the decision-maker. Our practice is based on mutual trust. Our doulas trust their clients to make their own informed choices, while clients trust our doulas to provide the unconditional care and support they need.

Practitioners of the Slow Doula Method®️ We teach the Slow Doula Method,®️ equipping doulas to navigate power dynamics and issues of trauma which can be defining factors for clients. We’re committed to shifting the culture of care to meet the needs of clients. DTI professionals play a vital and central role in humanizing experiences through our unique approach.

Professional entrepreneurs. Feeling drawn to this work means you’re a giver (that’s a given). But in the process of helping others, we encourage our doulas to build their own business dreams. Business and marketing skills blended with an understanding of community doula work is included in our curriculum, so that doulas emerge with confidence and curiosity about a range of possibilities for creating a sustainable practice.

Full-spectrum, birth and postpartum specialists. The benefits of support before pregnancy, during and after childbirth are well-known and well-documented. We train our doulas to understand reproductive health, the anatomy and physiology of birth, and the emotional and physical aspects of the postpartum and newborn period.

Modern-day healers. We understand the ins and outs of physical, mental and spiritual health through the pre-conception, prenatal, birth, postpartum, and newborn periods. We encourage our trainees to practice in an integrative and holistic way if they are certified through other healing modalities.

Community-builders. We need each other to thrive. Our energy is focused on building one another up and fostering lasting relationships to advance the birth profession as a whole. As a result all who train with us become members of DTI’s online community.