You Know You’re a Doula When…

Okay so we have all played this game right?  Here are some of our favorites and we want to hear yours.  Don't be shy.  Add to the F U N!

You Know You're a Doula When…

  • The double hip squeeze and applying counter pressure is your daily work out.  
  • When nothing is as exciting to you as a let down
  • You manage to dress up yoga pants and make them look good
  • When you carry a placenta encapsulation kit around "just in case"
  • When bloody show has nothing to do with attending a Gwar concert
  • When you can sleep anywhere on cue
  • Rescue remedy is a part of your "briefcase" 
  • you wouldnt imagine sleeping without your cell phone next to you
  • the sight of blood, vomit and poop is a good thing
  • When you are travelling on the subway with someone else's placenta
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