Why Sexology?

Wondering why DTI chose SEXOLOGY as the theme for this year’s OneDoula Retreat? Here’s why:

Talking about sex can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be!

That’s why we have a workshop titled “Sex Talk: Bridging the Gap In Client Conversations.” We want doulas to be ready to talk to their clients about sex and sexuality in pregnancy and postpartum. Vera Levitt Casey, the Sex Doula, will be leading this workshop that will provide tools and tips on making these conversations happen.

Inclusivity matters.

The little talk there is around sex and birth/postpartum is often very gendered. Our workshops, as with all things DTI, are developed to include all birthing people. Becky Alford, DTI Educator, will get us up to speed on the politics surrounding sex and birth for all birthing people.

Pelvic floor health is vital.

We all have a pelvic floor. Which means all of our clients have pelvic floors. And it is an area that, beyond kegel exercises, isn’t explored all that much until there is an issue. Britt Fohrman will help us find our pelvic floor through yoga and you’ll bring your discoveries back to your communities, helping to educate on the importance of pelvic floor health for all.

Self-confidence is key.

We are all about entrepreneurship at DTI and we want to equip you with an edge. In this case, that edge is becoming more confident and powerful in our own sexual energy, translating to more confidence in life and in business. You’ll gain the knowledge, comfort and confidence to talk about sex with clients, which gives you an advantage in marketing your business.

We think sex can be fun and also be taken seriously.

The beach is not the only fun part about the OneDoula Retreat. The workshops themselves are promised to be a good time. That doesn’t mean we won’t get into the nitty gritty though. From the politics of sex to pelvic floor health you’ll be ready to break down barriers and support clients’ needs.

DTI’s OneDoula: Sexology retreat is October 14-18, 2017 in Tulum, Mexico. You can register here.

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