Why I Became A Full-Spectrum Doula And Fitness Coach

Why I Became A Full-Spectrum Doula And Fitness Coach

For World Doula Week (March 22 to March 28), we’re highlighting doulas doing the work. For our first interview, we’re chatting with DTI-trained doula Alyssa of Eunoiafit. As a full-spectrum doula, Alyssa shares some of her thought on the field and what she’s trying to do within the birth world.

Meet Alyssa of Eunoiafit (she/her).

I am a certified personal trainer with a specialty in pre/postnatal fitness as well as a trained full-spectrum doula! As the owner of a fitness studio in downtown Dallas, I have made it my life’s work to help bridge the gap for women as they take the journey into pregnancy and motherhood by helping them navigate, love and strengthen their bodies and minds, so that they can be the best version of themselves daily!

1.) How would you define the term doula?

I would define doula as a person trained to provide physical, emotional, and educational support for individuals from reproduction, through birth, and postpartum!


2.) How would you describe the kind of doula work you do?

My doula work is designed to create space for birthing people and people who hope to one day give birth from all walks of life and journeys. I hope to effect change in pregnancy as it relates to health, fitness and recovery. I also aim to hold space for women of color as we traverse the glaring birth disparages that are occurring across the country. ‘Your Voice Matters. Your Birth Matters.’ is the tag line for Eunoia Doula.


3.) What stigmas do you think need to be shattered within the doula/birth world (or outside of it)?

This idea that birth is just another event to get through or “survive” needs to end. Birth should be an experience where the birthing person is in control… not the doctors, nurses, midwives, hospitals or even doulas. We are not listening to the needs of birthing people, the numbers show that, and that needs to change. Also, the dialogue that doulas are only for a certain class of people or type of birth needs to be silenced. Everyone should have access to support regardless of race, gender, class, or preference with regards to medicated or natural births. Our work is needed in all areas…for all people.


4.) What are you currently working on within your practice as a doula?

I am currently working on an event in Dallas on May 16th called She Empowers. This is a women’s empowerment and self-care event where we will talk about self-care tips, motherhood, prenatal/postpartum fitness, nutrition, mental health, Doula work and we’ll have a panel including a pelvic floor specialist to shed light on the need for true postpartum care. If you don’t know what your pelvic floor is—you need to find out!


5.) Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for fellow doulas?

My best advice is—do it afraid! Doula work is a huge responsibility and it’s scary when you think about the power that we truly have to effect change! I was afraid of this work for a long time, but I decided to go after it amid the fear and my life has not been the same since I left my training with DTI! This work matters more than you realize. You are needed.


Curious about becoming a doula?

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Keep up with Alyssa’s work at @eunoiafit and @eunoiadoula.

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