What Do You Use That For?

Last week we came across an article talking about baby products that are best sellers but actually get used for something else. For instance the Boppy is used more for propping up our babes then breastfeeding them. You can see the article, "Hey! That's Not What That's For!" :

As doulas we show parents the ropes. Sometimes we get creative and other times its just something that has been passed down from mama to mama. This article spoke to me because I often will show parents just what they can do with their Boppy and its never about breastfeeding. Im guessing all of you have your own tricks of household items and product that you also teach alternative uses for. Please share them with us. Here are a few of our own that didn't make the list in the Babble article:

1. Baby Wise book. Um, maybe use this to prop up the crib mattress and then forget that it is there. Forever.

2. Water bottles. The best distraction (that you always have on hand) for a baby who doesn't love the car or car seat.

3. Iphone. Expensive toy. apps, pics you name it…our little ones play with them.

4. Peri bottle. You can use it for baby too:) Keep it around for those baths and hair washing the littles.

5. Washable breast pads. These pads can be used for just about anything! A few of my faves- itty bitty wash cloths, freeze them for teething, bum wipes with homemade solution.
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