Welcome Sweet Baby James

Almost two weeks ago my dear sister Anna and her husband Derek welcomed their first baby, James Emerson. After many hours of navigating his way into this world and testing Anna's purest strength, he came out peacefully right into Anna's arms. I was so very fortunate to have been at the birth. My daughter and I flew down to Miami in the nick of time, just as Anna's contractions were starting. The next three days were something I will never forget. I saw my sister meet her inner warrior and transform into a mother before my eyes. Derek and I held her and held each other, as we watched the sweetest person we know go through labor. 

All three of them are settling in beautifully at home, snuggling and getting to know this amazing new being that came into all our lives. 

Welcome Sweet Baby James! Look out for love, cause we got a whole lot for ya! 

Love, Gina 

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