We Won’t Be Silent Because It’s Our Business to Care

Photo credit: Tim Viola

Almost two weeks have passed since the new administration took office, and the Internet is a draining place to be.

Social media, oversaturated with news of executive order after executive order being signed to restrict access and limit freedom, can leave us feeling small and helpless at the hands of unfathomable abuse of power.

Why does DTI care?  Better to stay quiet and not get political?

When you stay quiet you choose the side of the oppressor.

The threats to reproductive and sexual health worldwide, the scientific community, immigrants, and the checks and balances system of the US government are real, and there has been been a swift and vocal response.

Individuals and brands alike haven’t hesitated to state their resistance, and we’ve noticed consumer pushback against the transparency of companies that have spoken out.

So to be as clear as possible, we’d like to address our own stance:

We will not fall on the wrong side of history, because it’s so jarringly clear that this is not okay.

For the sake of a more inclusive world, we’re not going to mince words to appear apolitical or neutral.

The illusion of “Well, I’m not really a political person” is how we got here.
The misconception that “Businesses shouldn’t take political stances” is how we got here.
The idea that “talking politics” is not an acceptable workplace conversation is detrimental.

This is not normal.

And it won’t become normal with time.

We won’t let it.

We’re going to need scientists, educators, artists, and yes, businesspeople and politicians, to speak out. We should be having the tough conversations we need to be having, not shying away from them.

What resistance looks like isn’t simple; it’s multi-faceted and messy. There has been and there will continue to be disagreement about strategy, but all methods – direct organizing and protesting, boycotting of unethical companies, creating art, volunteering with nonprofits in need, getting involved in local elections  –  occupy a place in the movement.

Doula work goes hand-in-hand with access to affordable reproductive and sexual health care.

At our core, we know where DTI stands.

Our business is not saving face to make money.

Our business is caring, mentoring, storytelling, and empowering.

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