We Help You Create a Viable Business that Matches Your Passions

We Help You Create a Viable Business that Matches Your Passions

Our goal at DTI is to educate doulas on how to run viable business. Whether its how to write a contract or what to wear at a birth, we cover it all. We love training doulas who are passionate about birth and about growing a successful business.  We think that the two of these things combined makes for happy doulas and happy clients.  We are prepared to help you create a viable long lasting business. So how do we do this?

In our trainings we brainstorm with each of you about what it is that draws you to this work in the first place.  The inspiration behind the work is number one.  Then we build on that for a solid foundation that will combat burn-out with safety nets in place.  

One piece in doing this is finding  a niche to strengthen your business and to make you stand out.  We want you to start with what you know and love but often growth in one particular area will help you hone your craft.  What is your specialty?  You won't (probably) have an answer to this right away but we are here to help you figure it out.  Not only at the training but also with your mentor one on one afterwards. 

Figuring out a good life work balance is also key.  This is important to think about in the beginning stages of building your business.  Brainstorm what would work for you and what wouldn't on a day to day bases.  How can you build your business plan around these things?  What can you put in place to be sure that they never get in your way?  We always encourage doulas to make agreements with themselves. Doula work is a very giving job and it can often leave you in the dust. Our goal is always to offer continuous support and provide comfort for others. But you have to remember to practice self care. Having agreements ensures that you are looking out for yourself. This will help you work longer and happier in your doula career. Our Business Savvy doulas are great examples of this as they have built businesses that truly work for them and their life.  You can read interviews with them on this blog as we feature different doulas regularly that are great examples of this:

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