We believe that postpartum doulas are newborn and family care specialists

We believe that postpartum doulas are newborn and family care specialists.

Doulas specialize in knowing what is normal.  When caring for a family or a newborn a doula is there to cater to the normal everyday needs of both.  When a mother asks about her postpartum body doulas know how to talk to her about the physical changes of a normal postpartum body as well as the emotions that go along with it.  Like a sister or mother who also may have been through childbirth herself, a doula will listen with an open heart and respond with acurate and reasurring words to normalize this transition.  

Doulas have been around birth and newborns in a way that most others in our culture haven't.  They get to see many different ways and situations that work for all kinds of families. 

We believe that doulas are the missing peice in maternity and postpartum care.

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