We Believe that Doulas are Emotional Companions

We Believe that Doulas are Emotional Companions Through One of the Most Sacred Times in a Persons Life. 

Ask me for strength and I will lend not only my hand, but also my heart. 
– Unknown

This quote resonates with us because it defines what we think a doula truly is. Not only should doulas offer physical support, we should offer emotional support. Birth and transitioning into parenthood are two journeys that carry remarkable meaning for people. We are there witnessing such a big part of peoples lives that comes with so much emotion. Like when a partner, who has kept it together throughout the labor, just crumbles up and falls into a heap of tears with the fist sight of their baby after birth. That is raw emotion. And we are there as the companion. At DTI, we believe a huge part of being a doula is knowing how to Hold The Space. We need to know how to be present and active without doing anything. Just being is sometimes the best tool someone could offer to a family going through these huge milestones. 

In order to offer someone emotional support we need to be able to listen. Listening is a skill. We must be able to sit and invite our client to share with us. Permission for this is given with eye contact, pregnant pauses, and most of all a comfort with just being. Once someone knows that you truly are capable of listening to them they are more likely to open up and accept comfort and gentle guidance.  

Emotions continue to go up and down as each phase of this journey progresses. As hormones flood in and out during a transition that fully wraps itself around new parents, we are there to normalize the situation. We are there to remind them that what they are feeling is part of the process, and that they are not alone. Us doulas are a constant reminder to the parents that its okay to feel the ups and the downs. Its okay to feel out of control and emotional. We are there to hold them. We are their companions. 

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