“We Are The Placentas Of The World!”

Most women love to talk on the phone. You wouldn’t necessarily think that a phone call could be so revolutionary but last week it was. Thousands of women from all over the world attended a virtual town hall meeting hosted by playwright and BOLD creator, Karen Brody. The day had a rich lineup of birth advocates and specialists, from Dr. Christine Northrup to Ina May Gaskin to grassroots organizer Dawn Thompson of “The National Rally for Change on Labor Day” Improving Birth. There is a movement that is happening all across the world calling women and birth visionaries to re-imagine childbirth and to step up to their own calling within it. As I listened in at the kitchen sink while my toddlers played in the house, I thought to myself how powerful technology can be when it is used in the pursuit of true connection and change. I was listening to Ina May while she was in Italy encouraging all of us to stay grounded through dance and movement. So as per her instruction, naturally, I started doing figure 8’s in my kitchen with thousands of other women around the globe. It felt great to know that a simple moment has a huge ripple effect on birth everywhere. We take these moments and transform them in the birth room, at a prenatal meeting with a new client, and in our own bodies.  Women ARE changing the culture of birth.


At DTI we are so passionate about women trusting and pursuing their calling as doulas. We love re-imagining a future where doulas can follow their calling and thrive in their own communities. And we support women to ask for what they want in terms of their own business desires and visions. We value women. We value doula work. As doula mentors, it was so exciting to hear Dr. Christiane Northrup talk about how birth workers are “the placentas of the world!”. But in order for our placentas to sustain our growing babies, we know that we need to take care of ourselves and make sure that our own pregnant bodies are a priority. We recognize the need to be fed on all levels. All birth workers know this challenge all too well.


So here is our way ensuring a big, juicy placenta comes out after our baby is born (encapsulation to follow, naturally).

  1. We know that doulas need doulas to thrive.
  2. We are community based. We stay connected to our local, national, and global birth communities to feed our knowledge and love for birth.
  3. We love the business side of our work. We are not afraid to talk about money, value, and how they connect to what we love. 
  4. We trust that when you fulfill your calling in life a natural byproduct is happiness and empowerment.
  5. Support matters and is a key component to changing how we relate to birth in our culture.


Were you part of the virtual town hall meeting? What was your experience?

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