We are Proud of Our Mentorship Program

We are Proud of our One on One Mentorship Program

As doulas we are often seen as a mentor through labor and birth, breastfeeding and the transition into parenthood. Many doulas even call themselves prenatal, childbirth and breastfeeding mentors. This seems like an appropriate description as doulas often inspire by example in the way that a true mentor does.

As a new doula a mentor relationship is invaluable. We believe that in life and work mentors are important for growth. It is so important to have someone to bounce ideas off of, be there for emotional support and to cheer you on when you really need it. This is why we integrated a sound mentorship program into our DTI doula trainings. If you are a part of DTI your first doula mentor will be one of our trainers.

A mentor is a counselor of sorts. Someone that is an adviser and supporter of your new role as a doula. She is there to be a sounding board and to share with you what may be helpful as you continue down the doula path. It is a relationship with mutual respect, trust and space for exploration, learning and growth. No question less important than another. We like to think of the mentorship program as a safety net –to be sure that you are able to continually grow and not get stuck along the way.

Mentors are also highly valuable for connecting to the larger doula community. A seasoned doula mentor has spent time developing her own relationships and referrals that she may put you in contact with. The time that one spends communicating with their mentor about their own development and growth will allow the mentor to be able to make these connections appropriately.

Please reach out to your mentor early and as often as possible. You will truly benefit from someone being there for you along this journey. Remember, nothing is too small or too big to ask about. We look forward to helping along the way.

Here is how it works:

Once you complete one of our three day trainings a mentor is assigned to you for the duration of your time pursuing certification. This means that you are matched with a seasoned doula to be in contact with when questions arise. No question is too big or too small for discussion here. This relationship is guided by you and your needs. We encourage you to reach out to your mentor often!

For example: Your mentor will want to hear how the first few clients that you book pan out. She is available to talk with you before and after these appointments for discussion. Our hope is that you book times with your mentor for these discussions on a regular basis so that certification goes smoothly.

Some questions/situations that our trusted mentors find themselves answering:

How do I find my first client?

What is the best way to describe my role as a doula?

Can I shadow you in the field?

Can we go over the contracts together?

How should I go about collecting fees or figuring out my fee?

How do I negotiate finding a back up and when to use them/payments etc.

Which business name represents my practice?

How should I respond to this email?

How can I make more connections in the doula community?

Is this marketing strategy worth my time?

I need to set up a time to process this birth with you/ reflect on an experience with a family I am working with.

Im ready to get certified what are my next steps?

Have these questions too? Call or email your mentor!
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