We are Birth Activists and Breastfeeding Warriors

We are birth activists and breastfeeding warriors

When you become a doula, there are many agreements that you make with yourself. Birth work is a passion. Often doulas feel a calling to do this work and there are always two beliefs that ring true, we are birth activist and breastfeeding warriors.

It is very common for doulas to be birth activists. But what does it mean to be an activist? We believe in birth, we trust it, we understand and respect women's bodies, we honor the journeys that mothers and babies have to walk together. We also encourage women and families to do their research and find within themselves the best birth options for them. We leave room for discovery and inspiration. By being a birth activist you take on a duty to demonstrate to the world that there are many birth options. Women have choices. Its part of the role of a doula, to show families that they have a voice. We believe that doulas should support families in any decisions that they make. While we live by our passion for normal, natural birth, we stand by them in their choices. There is no one way to birth a baby. We simply foster women to find their way. 

Now, what does it mean to be a breastfeeding warrior? Doulas are on the front lines with moms getting that first latch established.  A postpartum doula does this by confirming a mothers choice to breastfeed during her daily visits.  Encouraging her to push through on tough days.  Its simple, we believe in breastfeeding. We believe in the nutritional value and the irreplaceable bond a mother forms with her baby. But we also believe in the strength and accomplishment women feel when they successfully breastfeed their child. Breastfeeding is a natural and instinctive process but, lets face it, sometimes its not easy. It's a learned skill. As doulas, we can walk with women through that process. Encourage them to find their inner warrior, triumph, and achievement.

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