We All Gotta Start Somewhere: A Doula’s First Client

We just finished our latest Expert Affiliate Video!

For a little bit of context for those unfamiliar with our EAVs, we feature some of these videos in our online and in-person trainings as learning modules while other videos are stored in an online archive to DTI members.

They’re easy to access and relatable, covering a wide range of topics. The one we just wrapped up has members of the core DTI team talking about their first experiences as doulas, so be prepared to laugh, nod along, and be relieved (depending on where you’re at in your practice).

We’re excited to share this one with you because it’s our first EAV featuring our core team in front of the camera.

Here’s a teaser of our Administrative Director Malika Hook Muhammad talking about her first client , an experience that she says she still looks back on to this day to remind her that you don’t have to pull out “all the tricks” you’ve learned over the years as a doula for a smooth birth. Sometimes just being a calming and supportive presence during such a transitional time is enough.

Malika was honest about her newbie doula status and embraced the uncertainty, telling her client “Look, I’ve never done this before.”

Her client’s response?

“Hey, I’ve never had a baby before. So let’s figure it out together.”

8 years later, they still keep in touch and her client still reminisces about the magic of that birth.

This video should calm the nerves of any new doulas feeling anxious about their first clients!

We’ve all been there. After all, we all gotta start somewhere.

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