This Month At DTI

This Month At DTI

The Holidays are here, and 2021 is quickly coming to a close. As we wrap up the year, we want to give you some updates on DTI, the 2022 schedule, introduce you to a new edition to the DTI team, and let you know how thankful we are to you. Here’s the list of things happening in and around DTI for the rest of the year that you’ll definitely want to know more about.

We’re Going Dark

A little announcement. DTI will be taking a short break starting on December 20th. That means that our social media channels, online store, and “hello” inbox will go dark. But don’t worry, we’ll be back in action by January 3rd. We just want to take this time to reward our team, who has done such an outstanding job this year, with a little rest and relaxation. During this break, we hope you all will use these days to reflect on the past year, recharge, and come back fully energized in 2022! We’re excited to see you then.

2022 Schedule

Although you can no longer enroll in any of our 2021 classes, we still have another exciting year of even more training courses for our doulas! Get ready! The first quarter of 2022 is completely stacked with certification courses that you can sign up for right now. Become a member and take advantage of all the benefits that come with becoming a DTI doula!

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Welcome Annie Kocher

DTI is so excited to introduce our doulas to our newest educator, Annie! Annie Kocher, CD (DTI), is a non-binary, autistic, full-spectrum doula based in Berlin, Germany, and is fluent in both English & German! We can’t wait for you all to meet them in future classes and online events. You can get to know Annie and the rest of our fantastic educators when you attend our online classes.

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Shop For Your Gifts

Our shop may be closed now, but you can jump-start your Doula journey in 2022 by purchasing books in the shop. All orders will ship at the start of the new year.

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Thank You

Finally, everyone here at DTI just wants to say how thankful we are to have you with us. There are so many of you who have made this year very special for us! Our partners, doulas, reproductive advocate, members, educators, and new friends that we’ve made are all very special to us. We’re also incredibly grateful to our students who have allowed us to teach you. Because of you, DTI was able to train 306 students and reward 63 scholarships. We can’t wait to see where you all go from here. Thank You!

So many incredible things happened this year! 2021 was an amazing journey and learning experience for all of us. But the journey never stops, which is why we’re so excited about what 2022 will bring. Our hope is that we can create more touching memories with you again in the new year. Thank you again to everyone who supports us. We’ll see you all again very, very soon. Happy Holidays!

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