This Month At DTI

This Month At DTI

Happy November doulas! For this month, we have a lot in store for you! Get ready for our online meetup coming soon with a special guest we know you’ll all love. We also have some great news about our upcoming DTI training schedule for the rest of 2021 through 2022. And last but not least, we can’t wait to show you what we have in our DTI store. Here’s our list of all the things you can expect at DTI coming soon!

Born Into This

First up, we have exciting news about Born Into This. Back in September, we had a very successful conference with you all at the online Born Into This 2021 event. And we’re here to announce that you can download the full digital archive of the virtual conference right now! Get all the workshops and talks at your fingertips. So if you missed the event or you just want to relieve the fantastic week, you can do so today for only $50.00!

Download the digital ticket

2021 Training Schedule

Although the end of the year is coming up fast, we still have 2 training events scheduled for new and experienced doulas alike. Here is a look at the rest of the training courses you can register for before 2022.

2022 Curriculum

DTI Annual Sale - Doula Trainings International

Good news! We at DTI will make sure that all of our current and past students are prepared right now and in the future. For the rest of the year, we’ll be dropping news and updates on DTI’s upcoming curriculum, resources, and events coming soon in 2022. Right now, you can have a look at the list of training events coming in 2022!

For a limited time, you can use promo code: 397DOULA to save $397 off any 2022 Full Spectrum Doula Training. The offer expires at 11:59PM on 11/22.

View the Schedule


This Month at the DTI Store

We’re super excited to show you all the great things to show off at our store. In there, you’ll find items for educating or for just relaxing in your house. Here are some highlights that you can find in our store with just a click away.

The Process of Birth Laminated Print Set

Birth Process Laminated Cards - Doula Trainings International

If you need a simple and great way to educate your clients about the process of birth, you can pick up this card set today. This 11-paged laminated card set is a great breakdown of birthing with pictures and detailed descriptions of each step.

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Labor Positions Card Set

Labor Positions Cards - Doula Trainings International

Go over all the different options of labor movements and positions with these visual cards! Each card has every position that your client can use during labor that will help ease the birthing process. This item will be incredibly helpful for you and your client as you work together to create the ideal birth plan.

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Birth Preferences Card Set

Nothing is more important than making your client feel supported and comfortable while giving birth. And one way to ensure this is to help them make a checklist for their birth preferences. With this card set, you can easily go over every preference they may have for before, during, and after labor. It’s a great way to get your client ready for birth!

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There’s this and a lot more in store for the rest of the year. We can’t wait to share more news with you in the upcoming months as we roll out new events and resources for all our members. So remember to keep up to date with us by following DTI on social media and subscribing to our FREE newsletter. 

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