This Month at DTI

This Month at DTI

DTI already had a great month, and the next few weeks are going to be a very exciting time for our growing community of doulas. From events and news, we have a lot of special ways that you can experience our community and learn from each other. But if you’ve missed any of our announcements throughout the weeks, don’t worry. Keep reading to get a list of everything that’s happening with DTI in the next couple of months.

MOMCares Receives Grant

MOMCares wins Grant Funding - DTI Training used in Community Building

First up is a bit of news that made us all happy. MOMCares was recently awarded a grant by B’more Invested to help their doula community in Baltimore, Maryland. The foundation’s goal was to provide $1.5 million in grants to 10 special organizations that promoted community safety and education. And MOMCares was one of these winners! 

Led by Ana Temple Rodney, a licensed DTI educator, MOMCares provides a doula training program that supports mothers of color who are more likely to be under-supported through their pregnancies and postpartum care. MOMCares uses DTI’s curriculum to train their doulas, and we’re happy to see how our courses are being used to grow the doula community.

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Online DTI Doula Training

Online Doula Training - Doula Trainings International

We hosted a great online class this month to kick off a whole new certification. The class was held on August 9th and was a success. Doulas learned from our instructors how to level up their knowledge for providing the best childbirth care for birthing individuals and families. 

During the event, they were taught the historical and cultural context of childbirth and how to build their own sustainable doula business. This was a great way for many doulas to get ready for certification and for practicing doulas who wanted a little more insight into their own business. 

But if you missed the event, that’s okay! DTI offers this and other doula training courses to help get you on the road to become a certified birth, postpartum, or full-spectrum doula. You can enroll in any of our online courses right now and get access to our upcoming events from September through December.

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Overcoming Barriers of Inequality in Lactation Panel

Overcoming Barriers of Inequity in Lactation - Doula Trainings International

On August 25, we held a panel discussing how to fight back against inequities in breastfeeding and how to create change for marginalized communities who choose to bodyfeed.

During the conference with Dominique Gallo, Linda Hanna, and Tiek Johnson discussed the challenges that cause biases in lactation. They answered questions about cultural humility, lactation advocacy, and how you can get involved with the fight.


From the Desk of DTI

From the Desk of DTI - Annie Kocher shares experience and knowledge growing a Doula practice in Germany - Doula Trainings International

You can join DTI’s next online meetup if you’re planning to take your doula practice internationally. On September 14 at 12 PM EDT, connect with our guest speaker, Annie Kocher, who will present at our “From the Desk of DTI” live stream for Building Your Doula Business Abroad.

In this class, Annie will use your experience of growing her doula practice in Germany to help you with:

  • Identifying a place to move
  • Establishing your place in a new area
  • Connecting with other doulas
  • Landing your first clients
  • Incorporating translation into your practice

This will be a helpful presentation for anyone interested in taking their doula practice outside of the US or anyone who already had plans to move abroad. If you’ve ever thought about taking your practice abroad, this presentation may help you to get established in a new country. And the best part? It’s open to everyone! You can grab up your tickets for the meetup at

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Born Into This 2021 Conference

Born Into This Conference - Doula Trainings International

This year’s highly anticipated Born Into This Conference is on its way starting this September on 25th and the 26th. The two-day event will be jampacked with classes and ways to connect with other reproductive health advocates. Some things that you can expect are:

  • Speakers who are at the forefront of reproductive justice and doula education.
  • Pop-up-stores for shopping
  • A space for intimate gatherings
  • Networking with other doulas

There’ll be a lot and more to do at the conference, so get your tickets now. Prices range from $50 to $150, with special perks for each. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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