The Future of DTI: Our New Website, Programming and Membership

The Future of DTI: Our New Website, Programming and Membership

At DTI, we believe in certification for life. Our comprehensive programs create a strong foundation for birth professionals from the get-go.

But the birth world changes everyday. New studies are being released, and our ever-evolving political atmosphere affects client care, as well as reproductive health and rights. So, how does a doula stay up to date?

And how do we, as an organization, keep up with DTI’s growing community? Over the last few years, DTI has expanded and changed. We’ve moved into a new space. We have become a bigger player in the reproductive justice world. You can see this through the evolution of our programs, the introduction of our community scholarships, and our new conference, Born Into This. We are committed to our values of autonomy, radical inclusivity, reproductive justice, collaborative entrepreneurship and intentional growth. It’s time we realigned the structure of DTI to better reflect the reality of this work and our values.

So, today, we are proud to announce a few changes.


First, we have launched a new website. Our new, pretty site is more than pretty and new. With this site, we now have a back-end client management system to the support the administration of our programs, as well as the DTI community. As a member of DTI, you now have access to a customizable profile and membership dashboard (it’s pretty rad).

Second, we’re reintroducing our professional membership. We launched DTI’s membership a few years ago, so those who train with us (or don’t) have access to additional educational opportunities and to each other. We are the only doula training organization that keeps our members updated through continued education, instead of recertification. DTI provides this support through our membership with updated materials each and every year, so you can assure your clients that you are providing them the best care and the latest innovations of the birth world.

With this new site, our membership is pretty comprehensive, too. All DTI members have access to these benefits for $157 per year, as well as their own membership portal and dashboard, which contains certification information, continued learning materials, access to our Facebook group and more. (If you’re already a member, log in and check it out!)

As for the $157 fee, this payment supports the growth of the organization and new offerings, gives back to our members and supports community doula trainings. It also makes sure that the DTI admin team exists to process payments, respond to your emails, and that they receive continual professional development training in the service of DTI.

Third, we’ve made some changes to our programming. We now offer separate birth and postpartum doula trainings. In 2019, we’ll begin offering separate birth and postpartum doula trainings. Whether it’s your first time training with us, or you need to expand upon your certification, you no longer have to register for both the birth and post-partum doula training to join DTI. You can take a peek at these new offerings here.

Thanks for joining us on DTI’s journey. It’s been a pleasure to grow and work with such a vibrant team and community over the last seven years. Email us at if you have any questions about the changes.

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