Remembering Tiny Hearts, Fingers, and Toes Gone Too Soon

Life changing moments of expecting a baby can begin with a positive pregnancy test, hearing a little heartbeat for the first time, experiencing those first symptoms which require constant bathroom attention, and more. Many dream of one day becoming a parent and welcoming home a new bundle of joy. They envision many cuddles and hugs, a closet of cute outfits, wondering who this little person will become in the future, and which parent will they look like.

But there are many families who suffer from the heart wrenching reality of never meeting this little person who instantly made a lasting impact on their lives. For some, the loss is immediate and for others, it occurs over time. The dream of watching this child grow up is now gone and they are left with an empty void. Questions of, “why me?” Wondering what they could have done differently to not be experiencing this painful and unexplainable grief.

One in four pregnant people will experience an early pregnancy or infant loss in their lifetime. For some, they are the one in four more than once. That is a quarter of every person who becomes pregnant. An early pregnancy or infant loss is considered an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Regardless of when or how these precious babies leave, they should still be remembered and the families shown love and support.

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