Pre-launch Special: Our New 9-Month Doula Program!

DTI is beyond happy to announce our new 9 month Doula Program

As DTI mentors we know Doulas need the support of other Doulas.  DTI trainings have been designed for doulas, by doulas with a doula mentorship program built in.  Because none of us can do this alone!  

When we first built the skeleton of DTI's mission, we kept contemplating one thing. When we first trained as doulas, years ago, why did we feel so lost and unsupported after an inspiring, mind blowing 3 day training? The feeling kept coming up. And over the last few years we have been searching for a way to remedy that feeling for other doulas. We want our trainees to walk away feeling supported and part of major change. 

This weekend I had the pleasure to talk to my partners aunt, she trained as a nurse back in the 60's. Once she realized all the change that needed to happen in the birth world, her and a couple of friends started supporting women at home. They learned from other midwives and just started catching babies at home. She said, "I just couldn't sit back and not let these women do what they wanted!" We just sat there, in the middle of a large family reunion and discussed all the change that needs to happen for women. Its always inspiring to share ideas with like minded people. When I was leaving, she turned to me with a huge grin on her face and said, "Don't stop! Keep fighting the good fight!" I couldn't help but laugh. This was it. This is exactly what we are trying to do at DTI. Gather like minded people, share ideas, support and hold each other, inspire each other, and encourage! 

Our new Doula Program is a journey made of just this. Women fighting the good fight. Doulas will no longer leave a training feeling inspired yet so alone. You will feel inspired and part of a tribe. 

Please join us as we pre-launch our exciting new 9 month training program, designed to help birth and postpartum doulas on their journey as they navigate their careers from day one.  ENHANCE and DEEPEN your doula experience by joining our DTI tribe with the support of ongoing mentorship, monthly calls, classes and discussions. 

But here is the best part….Register today for the pre-launch price of $375.00! This limited time offer is our complete 9-month program. The fee for this program will soon be increased more than 50% to its full price. Register now! This is an opportunity not to be missed! 

Here are our new upcoming training dates around the country! 


Austin, TX- September 28-30, 2012 @ TBA


San Rafael, CA- September 14-16, 2012 @ Power of Birth 

Miami, FL- October 26-29, 2012 @ The Gathering Place 

Austin, TX- November 30- December 2, 2012 @ TBA

And stay tuned for trainings in the new york area!

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