Our Tribe And How We’ll Change The World

All of us, no matter what we do are motivated by the fact that our work has value and will make a difference…the oncologist looking for a cure for cancer, the physicist trying to understand our universe, or the midwife holding each woman and baby through birth. Ultimately we are all trying to change something.

Here at DTI, we want to change the world. Grand, we know. But as a birth worker, that’s the fire that exists in you. When you look at modern birth the idea for great change becomes a little daunting. With the induction and Cesarean rate on the rise you start to feel that the work you are doing is just not working. And these problems are not just in this country. Its every where. So how can we make change? What can you, one person, possibly do to make a global difference? One word…tribe.

In the birth world, we are all familiar with the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a baby”. Our dear friend and colleague, Aimee Brill, gets this. Its there in her organization’s name, Village Birth: Because it Takes a Village. But what makes up a village? The people. The tribe.

Okay, so we, the people, the tribe, have to make the difference. Seth Godin explains the process well in his TED talk, “The Tribes We Lead”. He argues that in order to change something we must connect with our tribe. As a result of connecting with this tribe we may be the leader and the change agent that we hope to be. Seth lists the following as inspiration to get started:

1. Tell a story by those who want to hear it
2. Don’t be afraid to upset people
3.Challenge the status quo
4. Build a culture
5. Be Curious
6. Connect People to One Another
7. Commit

It makes so much sense! As birth workers, most of us do these. We tell positive birth stories, I’m sure you’ve upset a nurse or provider, we build support groups, etc… So what would happen if we all did them, together, always, in our individual tribes? Serious connection to make serious change! Today tribes are everywhere and are easily accessible. Think: Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, LinkedIn, yahoo groups, etc. Your tribe is there at your figure tips. Make that change, find a tribe.

So of course, we have to send some love and thanks out to the people in our tribe. We all found each other years ago, and with out the connection and support we feel daily from them, all of us wouldn’t be on this journey.

Aimee Brill of Village Birth: her constant love, heartwarming advice, and want for connection helps us everyday.

Sarah Moore of Figtree Childbirth: her tireless listening, peppy cheering, and her ability to bring clarity and reality to our eyes in a graceful manor.

Our Facebook Page: this is where our tribe grows, we communicate with them everyday, offering advice and support to each other.

Yes, our tribe is small, but we’re tight and growing everyday. And we are committed to make this change is the world. We want families to have access to evidence based information and providers who care about them. We want parents to see the difference. We want them to have a voice, to be the voice. We are the change agent bridging our highly medicalized culture to birth with wisdom and freedom.

People will tell you it is impossible. But we believe that if you are persistent and embrace your passion, you will find your tribe and make serious change.

A couple of years ago, two doulas were sitting at a kitchen table snacking and working on a business model for a Doula training organization. One turned to the other and said, “what do we really want to do?” The other one responded and said, “to change the world.”

And you know, I think we just might do that.

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