One of the things that makes us most proud at DTI is our ever-evolving 9-month program. Since we train and certify Modern Doulas we are committed to constantly growing, and tapping into the needs of new doulas, seasoned doulas, and the families we are committed to fiercely serving.

This commitment brings us to the evolution of ONE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, ONE BOLD STEP FORWARD, and ONE FIERCE CONTEST.


In 2013, we started to combine our birth and postpartum doula trainings.  In doing so our Combo Trainings were born.  These 5-day workshops, followed by 9-months of tele-classes and mentorship, have shifted even more than we anticipated.

What we originally set out to accomplish was to be more than just another fast track doula training program. Yes, we wanted — and want — doulas to leave our training feeling inspired. But we also want them to leave with the skills to thrive in the way we believe best serves our profession. Doula training in the United States has not changed for decades, even as the birth climate has become more aggressive, more oppressive, and more invasive. DTI refuses to undermine our profession by churning out doulas who don’t have the business acumen, the mentorship, or the community support that they most definitely deserve in order to succeed. We guide our doulas toward making the greatest impact for change within the challenging context in which women are giving birth today. Doula work is complex and important. It requires more than what’s being offered by the majority of certifying organizations. It’s simply too risky to “train” doulas over the course of a few days and send them out, alone and ill-equipped to navigate the harsh realities of today’s birth culture.  DTI does it differently.  As co-owners and mentors, we give our DTI doulas what we also give to the families we serve—an unwavering commitment to unconditional support.

“I absolutely fell in LOVE with DTI’s model of doula training and with the organization’s philosophy and values.  I valued the opportunity to develop a relationship with the other women in the training and with our mentor.  I cannot imagine going out to be a doula and feeling alone.  The community aspect is so crucial and I appreciate DTI’s model of creating a tribe of women to support one another, as opposed to the paradigm of competition between doulas and between women in general.  Aimee, Tara, and Gina are visionaries and I believe they’re redefining what it means to be a doula in a very positive way”!  Certifying Doula, Taylor Davis

What we have learned as an organization is that our doulas need the knowledge and certification for both birth and postpartum doula care in order to thrive.  We believe that this is yet one more piece of the doula training model that needs to shift. Pregnancy, birth, and the early months of motherhood share an intimate relationship to one another. They cannot, and should not, be compartmentalized.  The experience of birth is not separate from the postpartum experience. Even if you choose only to practice as a birth doula, postpartum knowledge will allow you to better prepare your clients for what they are about to experience as parents.

About two years ago we featured a blog post announcing our first ever Combo Training and also discussed how valuable it was for a doula to be educated in both roles:


“When we talk to doulas who have gone from only supporting families through birth to also supporting during the postpartum period they speak about how dramatically their practice changed–for example during the first latch after birth. Once those doulas had more breastfeeding education from a postpartum doula training they were much more equipped to educate and help families in those first moments after birth AND during their follow-up postpartum visit. These doulas even report that follow up calls with families after birth were significantly more helpful”.

We do better when we know better.  Why not choose to be more knowledgable–to be able to prepare parents more holistically–even if you are called to work more on one side of the spectrum?  We ask you to sit with that question for a bit.


We have decided to move forward with our new model by ONLY offering Combo Trainings.

But we need help naming our new baby and we want to offer something truly special for the person who wins our baby naming contest!  The winner will receive one scholarship to a 2014 birth and postpartum training (along with it’s new name)! If you are already a DTI Doula, the scholarship is yours to gift to someone in need!  Our trainings are held several times a year in New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Austin.  We will announce the winner asap.  Please feel free to submit as many ideas as you would like–let your creative juices flow!

The perfect name should encompass DTI’s 9-month training program, merging both sides of the spectrum (birth and postpartum), a woman’s wisdom, and the FIERCENESS that defines DTI doulas. What will the new name be for the Combo Trainings?

To enter our contest please comment under this blog post with your entry/entries.  The deadline for entries is in ONE WEEK on February 20th at midnight.We will announce the winner soon!


Tara, Aimee, and Gina

DTI Co-Owners Gina Giordano, Tara Brooke, and Aimee Brill are committed to re-imagining how doulas are mentored and trained in their unique 9-month certification program. They believe in the transformative power and impact that doulas have on all women and families around the world.

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