oceanic feeling #doulalife

the other day, a doula colleague and i were lamenting a client’s lack of support in-hospital, when she said she feels sometimes this work is like “a grain of sand in an ocean.”

i know that feeling, and yet
if so
what a Beautiful ocean.
what a scary overpowering polluted disrespected Beautiful ocean.
the field of maternal health is so immense, and immensely corrupt, i often feel angry, i often feel shocked, i often feel fearful.
and yet
i always feel awe.
to see something holy that is, in places, broken and dishonored,
is still to see something holy.
to me, at least, i’d rather be tossing grains of sand into this ocean one by one for all my years
than build with quicker toxic concrete a structure which, in time,
the ocean will surely overtake and claim anyway

By Annie Kocher CD, DTI

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