Meet Taylor Davis, leader of DTI’s Syracuse doula training

This blog is part of our Meet the Trainer series. Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing DTI’s talented trainers. Right now we want you to meet Taylor Davis, leader of the DTI Syracuse doula training. Many of you probably know Taylor from a training, retreat, or her engagement in the DTI community via our Facebook group. 

We know that now you are a DTI Educator but what first attracted you to DTI as a doula? When you yourself were looking into taking a doula training how is it that you ended up with DTI?

I was most attracted to DTI for two reasons. The first was the mentorship piece. I really wanted support and mentorship throughout my certification process and, having talked to friends who had recently certified through DTI, I knew I would get this. The second was my passion for activism around birthing people’s rights and advocacy in the birth room. DTI doesn’t shy away from this, and actually teaches its certifying doulas how to do this effectively. This was so important to me and continues to be one of my absolute favorite parts of our community and our certification program.

Since your doula business launched what have you learned? What would you look back and want to say to your less experienced doula self?

I have learned so much since I began my business years ago. I’ve learned the value of face-to-face connections and networking and that nothing replaces becoming actively involved in my local community. I’ve learned that I love knowing and working with other doulas. If I could tell my less experienced self something now, it would be that the business side of this job could actually be fun because it could still involve lots of personal connections. I would also tell myself that bringing my authentic self to births would always be exactly the right thing to do. I would encourage myself to trust myself and my instincts, the same way I encourage my birthing families to trust themselves.

What can you tell us about your local DTI community?

Since certifying with DTI, I’ve moved and don’t live somewhere with a strong DTI community…YET. I have one other local doula who certified online through DTI and I love having her here. I am actively working on building a local DTI community and hoping to get some trainings off the ground near me. I have some treasured doula colleagues here, but really crave a community of like-minded doulas who have gone through similar training as me.

If someone hasn’t quite immersed themselves in the DTI community in your area how can they get out there and connect with others?

I can’t overemphasize the value of reaching out to your local birth colleagues. Just know that many people feel nervous and hesitant to reach out at first and that’s normal. However, in DTI you’re going to find a community of welcoming and kind doulas who will open their arms and welcome you in. Don’t let yourself miss out on that!

If someone is thinking about registering for a DTI training in your area but hasn’t quite made their mind up yet what could they do to figure out if DTI is a good fit for them?

Call me or message me! Seriously, I LOVE talking about DTI. Joining this community is one of the best professional and personal decisions I’ve ever made and I love to share why with anybody interested. If you’ll call, I’ll probably want to take you out for coffee or tea, but I’ll settle for a phone call if we can’t meet face to face. Also, really dive into DTI’s website and read the pages and blog posts. Check out DTI’s reading list. Look through our social media. These will all give you a great feel for our approach and overall culture. And then, again, call me! I’d love to talk with you.

How would you describe yourself as a trainer? What is your training like?

As a trainer, I really value the experiences and opinions of everybody in the group so my trainings are super interactive and dynamic. We all bring so much to this work, even if we’re new to it, and I like to highlight that and build on it in my trainings. I’m also really passionate about the rights of birthing people and that will come through in my training. I am a huge believer in the Slow Doula Method and love diving fully into that. I’ve also been described as grounded and nurturing by colleagues and students, so you can expect that energy in my trainings as well.

Can you tell us something about you that even the DTI community doesn’t know?

My other great passion besides birth work is self-directed education and childrens’ rights. My husband and I unschool our children and are constantly talking, reading, writing, and soon will be podcasting about self-directed education and respectful parenting. If you want to know more about that, hit me up! It’s also something I can’t stop talking about once I get started.

You can find out more about my work at Taylor Davis Doula Services and New Mama Project. You can also check out the work my husband is doing at Camp Stomping Ground.

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