Meet Simone Toomer, Leader of DTI’s New York City Doula Training

his blog is part of our Meet the Trainer series. Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing DTI’s talented trainers. DTI hosts doula trainings in New York City several times a year.

Right now we want you to meet Simone Toomer, leader of the DTI New York City doula trainings. Many of you probably know Simone from a training, DTI retreat, or her engagement in the DTI community via our Facebook group. Simone will host online courses, including DTI’s online doula training and DTI’s Lactation Support Specialist certification, as well as DTI’s DTI2 In-Person training in New York City October 13-16, 2018. You can register HERE.

We know that now you are a DTI Educator but what first attracted you to DTI as a doula? When you yourself were looking into taking a doula training how is it that you ended up with DTI?
I loved the fact that the training combined birth and postpartum doula care. As a mom the value to this education with families I found as invaluable. I also was a scholarship recipient for the Birth Workers of Color scholarship, so without that opportunity things would be very different for me now. I had a doula myself and she was certified through another organization that did not seem like the right fit for me. I honestly believe the universe aligned, which it always does. I heard about DTI on a Sunday night and applied, got a call Monday and was all set for a training that week. It required fast childcare arrangements but it all worked out like perfectly fit puzzle pieces.

Since your doula business launched what have you learned? What would you look back and want to say to your less experienced doula self?
I have learned to be gracious with myself as well as clients. We all have anxiety around birth, As the doula our calming presence for our clients and reassuring tone/voice makes a big difference. To be confident in oneself from the interview through the prenatal and birth, despite level of experience, shows the value you hold in yourself, your passion, and your knowledge.

What can you tell us about your local DTI community?
New York City has many DTI doulas. We are very close and believe in the power of our community as well as doula-ing one another when needed. Many of us are willing to talk and offer insight on our own experiences in the doula world for anyone trying to make that decision or navigating their journey.

If someone hasn’t quite immersed themselves in the DTI community in your area how can they get out there and connect with others?
They can join our facebook page after the new york city doula training called NYC DTI Doulas and make an intro. We try to get together as a group a few times a year, however many are also open to one on one brunch, tea, etc.

If someone is thinking about registering for a DTI training in your area but hasn’t quite made their mind up yet what could they do to figure out if a DTI doula training is a good fit for them?
They can reach out to any of the doulas in the area. We are all happy to chat about our experiences. As an educator I am also happy to explain why DTI is so different from others in regards to dual birth and postpartum certification, mentorship, business building, community, and lifetime certification.

How would you describe yourself as a trainer? What is your training like?
I try to appeal to everyone’s learning style. I always try to keep things engaging and funny in order to keep the attention and interest. I also like playing into different teaching styles because we all learn and retrieve information differently.

Can you describe to us a few moments during a training that you taught that you appreciated or were memorable?
I have finished a training before and while cleaning there was a card left for me. Participants took the time out to thank me, share their journey through the training and I was so grateful.

Can you tell us something about you that even the DTI community doesn’t know?
I will try everything in moderation to get over fears and push beyond my comfort. True growth only comes out of uncomfortable situations where you push yourself beyond what you may know. I am up for that challenge.

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