Meet Raini Gomez, leader of DTI’s Dallas Doula Training

This blog is part of our Meet the Trainer series. Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing DTI’s talented trainers. Right now we want you to meet Raini Gomez, leader of the DTI Dallas doula training. Many of you probably know Raini from a training, retreat, or her engagement in the DTI community via our Facebook group. Raini will host DTI’s DTI2 In-Person training in Dallas March 10-13, 2018. You can register HERE.

We know that now you are a DTI Educator but what first attracted you to DTI as a doula?

I felt that DTI was one of the most inclusive doula trainings and I was attracted to DTI2: Power of Two Birth and Postpartum Training. It really embodied the full circle of this work.

When you yourself were looking into taking a doula training how is it that you ended up with DTI?

I went to an info night that Gina Giordano held here in Austin. I was sold of course, but it took me some time to make the financial commitment and really go for it. Gina followed up with me and I made the jump and never looked back.

Since your doula business launched what have you learned? What would you look back and want to say to your less experienced doula self?

I would say you are enough. You don’t have to be everything to everyone. You don’t need all the certifications and have all the knowledge about everything before you can get out there and really doula! Just start. Start small and build your business from there.

What can you tell us about your local DTI community?

Austin has a wonderfully supportive and active DTI community and we are working on bringing even more to the table. We use each other for back-ups, refer each other when we are not the right fit or unavailable, and most of all support each other through the sometimes tricky waters of doulaing.

If someone hasn’t quite immersed themselves in the DTI community in your area how can they get out there and connect with others?

Come to one of our monthly Austin meet ups! Join the conversation. Join our Austin DTI Facebook group! If you want to know when the next meet up is just email us!

If someone is thinking about registering for a DTI training in your area but hasn’t quite made their mind up yet what could they do to figure out if DTI is a good fit for them?

Definitely reach out to me – I am happy to give more information on what our trainings, certifications and community looks like. Join a DTI info night. And I hate to repeat myself, but come to one of our monthly Austin meet ups and see for yourself.

How would you describe yourself as a trainer? What is your training like?

I think I’m a pretty fun and outgoing person and my trainings reflect that! I definitely have to steer the ship back to content as sometimes we are all rolling with laughter! In the same vein, I have a very open and empathetic heart and I hope it shows in my trainings. I love really connecting one on one to each individual. Our trainings are experiential and fun!

]Can you describe to us a few moments during a training that you taught that you appreciated or were memorable?

They are all pretty memorable. I think holding space for others to voice their fears, and really listen when someone is sharing their heart’s deepest sadness or desires has been something that I always remember. We really connect in some of our most vulnerable places.

Can you tell us something about you that even the DTI community doesn’t know?

WOW! This is really hard – I’m pretty much an open book. Back in the day before becoming a doula, when I was a chef and worked at Food and Wine Magazine in NYC, I got to work with and meet many of the chefs I admire most. And I had several dinners at the James Beard House. I felt like a rock star!

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