Meet Malika Hook Muhammed, leader of DTI’s Syracuse doula training

This blog is part of our Meet the Trainer series. Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing DTI’s talented trainers. Right now we want you to meet Malika Hook Muhammed, leader of the DTI Syracuse doula training. Many of you probably know Malika from a training, retreat, or her engagement in the DTI community via our Facebook group. Malika will host DTI’s DTI2 In-Person training in Syracuse May 3-6, 2018. You can register HERE.

We know that now you are a DTI Educator but what first attracted you to DTI as a doula? When you yourself were looking into taking a doula training how is it that you ended up with DTI?

Lifetime certification was a huge plus for me. Also DTI’s commitment to supporting the Midwives of Color grand challenge.

Since your doula business launched what have you learned? What would you look back and want to say to your less experienced doula self?

Be smarter about working with a back-up doula! There is no need to miss your parent’s anniversary party or your niece’s birthday party. Build an agreement with a back-up and communicate well with clients so they know what to expect with regards to your availability! To learn more about building a backup doula support system, check out DTI’s Learning Lab, The Backup Plan.

What can you tell us about your local DTI community?

I’m in Washington, D.C., where we are small, but growing. Of the doulas here, I’d trust ANY of them to be a back-up for me or to offer advice/recommendations to my clients.

If someone hasn’t quite immersed themselves in the DTI community in your area how can they get out there and connect with others?

Reach out to Jenny Bennett, Director of Online Programming, or myself (Administrative Director) to tell us what you’re interested in and what your unique needs are in regards to community. We’re still in the process of building it and are open to hearing from you.

If someone is thinking about registering for a DTI training in your area but hasn’t quite made their mind up yet what could they do to figure out if DTI is a good fit for them?

Schedule a phone call with me:

How would you describe yourself as a trainer? What is your training like?

Interactive and engaging. The thing I love most about teaching is understanding how different people receive information and then seeing that “ah ha” moment when they grasp the concept that I’m teaching. I’m passionate about this work and take my role as an educator very seriously. I’d like to think that in each training I’m helping to shape the practice of my future colleagues and allies.

Can you describe to us a few moments during a training that you taught that you appreciated or were memorable?

I’m always so astounded by how impactful dreams from this group of people, who were strangers just a few days ago, can be.

Can you tell us something about you that even the DTI community doesn’t know?

I’m afraid of dinosaurs… When I was 6, I wanted to be a meter maid… I love cinnamon more than any other spice on the planet.

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