Meet DTI’s New Programs Director, Tiek Johnson

Meet DTI’s New Programs Director, Tiek Johnson

In 2020, we announced our intentions to examine the foundations of DTI and move toward hiring a new Programs Director.

We’ve been working toward this change for a while. Our founders, Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano, have been serving as our co-directors since DTI got its start in 2011, and 2021 is officially our tenth anniversary year. It’s time to step into the new!

With that, we are incredibly proud to introduce you to Tiek Johnson, the doula, birth worker and leader who will be heading up the implementation and orchestration of DTI’s trainings from now on.

Say hello to Tiek.

ABOUT TIEK: Tiek Johnson is a daughter, mother, doula, advocate, and an aspiring IBCLC. She studied Public Relations at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and worked in the social services field supporting local artists and unhoused individuals for 7 years. Tiek was drawn to reproductive health after having a traumatic experience with the birth of her son.

In 2018, she joined Mama Sana Vibrant Woman, a BIPOC reproductive health collective, and further solidified her passion for reproductive justice. She has since taken doula trainings with Mama Sana Vibrant Woman, Doula Trainings International and Sumi’s Touch. Tiek believes that we can solve 90% of the world’s problems if we uplift the Earth and the marginalized folxs on it. One of her core values is uplifting the people around her so that they can feel loved, supported and valued.

Tiek was also one of our doula educators in training throughout the year of 2020. As she settles into her role this month and next, we encourage you to reach out and get to know her. If you’d like to chat with Tiek, you can email us at to talk via email or set up a call.

If you want more support as you prepare for 2021, please browse all of our free virtual resources here. You can also begin registering for 2021 DTI trainings here.

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