It All Starts With Birth

We are starting a new blog series inspired by Soulemama's "this moment" weekly blog. We love how so much meaning can exist in just a photo. We often discuss and admire how many things in life can remind us of birth, pregnancy, and the tender moments of the postpartum time. When you see a mother duck with her many ducklings swimming and following behind her, what do you think of? What comes to your mind? Birth is everywhere, its in our world. So starting today, every friday, we will be posting a new series called, "it all starts with birth". It will be just a photo of something we find in our everyday life that relates to pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. Whether its, people, animals, objects, or an event. Lets celebrate the beauty of birth once a week. 

it all starts with birth: a friday tradition. just a photo. something in our everyday life that reminds us of birth in our world. celebrate the beauty of birth. 

feel inspired? post a link to a photo that reminds you of birth.

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