Introducing DTI’s New Doula Locator, A Tool To Find Birth Workers

Introducing DTI’s New Doula Locator, A Tool To Find Birth Workers

Today’s a big day. Our doula locator is officially live—with some big improvements.

It’s now even easier for families, birthing people and new parents to find doulas trained by DTI. Just head to, and you can search our entire member database.

How does the locator work?

Our locator is a searchable directory—where you can find doulas trained by DTI based on their specializations, locations and identities.

Who is listed on the locator?

Current and active doulas, who are trained members of DTI, are listed on the locator. The locator is updated regularly, too, as more and more doulas join our member network.

You can also search the directory at anytime yourself to connect with doulas in your area.

If you’re a new doula, reproductive health activist or simply a parent interested in learning more about the birth world, you can use our locator to find doula experts in your area, too.

Use it to make connections, nurture relationships, organize, meet people, share resources and build community.

Search at anytime. The directory is open 24/7!

If you’d like to meet all of the doulas in our network, take a look at our Doula Locator by clicking here.


If you’re interested in becoming a doula, a childbirth educator or a reproductive health advocate, you can explore our training calendar by clicking here.

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