How To Set Up Your Digital Doula Practice

How To Set Up Your Digital Doula Practice

What does it look like to advocate for autonomy from afar? What does it look like to step into your role as a digital doula in a restricted environment?

Introducing our newest course, Digital Doula.

In this free, digital experience, we explore practical tips on digital doula work, offer best practices for providing support from a distance (including hospital settings) and compare notes from our team on the mindsets and outlooks that have helped them reframe their work this year.

Click here to download the course for free.

What can you expect in the course?

If you are a brand-new doula or if you are meeting clients virtually for the first time in your career, this course is for you!

In 30 minutes, the Digital Doula course will: 

  • Provide practical tips on setting up your doula practice for virtual support.
  • Offer best practices for creating and maintaining a doula practice during times of hospital restriction.
  • Encourage you to think about how this new framework may help sustain you as a doula.

The course also comes with a complimentary 21-page workbook, which takes you through self-guided exercises to examine your practice and reflect on changes you can make to provide virtual and socially distant support.

Where can you go for additional support?

Two of our DTI doula educators-in-training, Valencia Potts-Taylor and Amanda Reyna, will be hosting free and live events to explore some of the lessons within our Digital Doula course.

Here’s where you can tune in live:

  • December 4 at 12 PM CT — Tune in on @doulatrainingsint Instagram’s stories to catch a chat with Valencia Potts-Taylor on what her experience has been like in Chicago as a digital doula.
  • December 8 at 1 PM CT — Attend a digital talk on Zoom with Amanda Reyna, where she’ll walk you through the steps she took to integrate digital doula work into her reproductive health support practice in San Antonio, Texas. Click here to register.

Want to get more involved with DTI?

In case you missed it, we offer trainings, support and a professional community for aspiring doulas and birth workers.

You can take online courses with us on childbirth education and reproductive health.

You can also certify as Childbirth Educator or a birth, postpartum or full-spectrum doula with us through in-person and virtual trainings. 

Explore our training calendar here to learn more about what we have coming up and feel free to reach out whenever at

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