Happy World Doula Week!

The Nominated DTI Doulas


Like with all designated days, weeks and months of the year, we’d just like to start off by saying that we appreciate our doula family each and every day. You all know that, right?

But the extra attention can’t hurt! We’ll never get tired of raving about our amazing community, and the recognition of a whole week is important to share the impact that birth work has on health and happiness with those that aren’t fully immersed in it.

“Doula” is still not a household term, but we’re working on it!

If there’s one word that comes to mind (though this is so hard to narrow down) that describes DTI doulas, it’s intentional.

Kind of a weird description, right?

You were probably expecting empathic, or loving, or caring, or passionate.

See, the thing is those are all true descriptors of DTI doulas, but they’re also too easy. They don’t give our doulas the credit they deserve.

It’s like acknowledging the difference between natural talent and hard work.

It’s important to have a mixture of both, but we’re going to admire the natural talent and honor the hard work.

So, we’re proud that our empathic, loving, caring, passionate DTI doulas are intentional in their work.

Intentional about being inclusive, intentional about making sure doulas are seen as a necessity and not a luxury, intentional about providing a space of comfort and empowerment for pregnant people in such a transformative stage of their lives.

We’re in awe at the backgrounds of our doulas – some come to doula work with backgrounds in sex education, others are committed to providing body-positive yoga.

Be sure to click on the pictures above to read more about each doula!

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