Happy Labor Day and Empowered Birth Awareness Week!

This is the week to release your inner Birth Activist!  If you didn't make it to The first Annual Birth Activist Retreat at The Farm earlier this year you can still attend some events.

It is a week that is going to be filled with events focused on changing birth culture and bringing awareness to women, families, and organizations about the possibilities of what normal birth could be.  This vision, during labor day week, was first brought to us by Birth Power who's mission is to grow the paradigm of empowered birth by flooding the public with the vision, definitions,  ideas, images and stories about empowered birth choices.  Birth Power lists ideas how you can get involved to make change today and to continue this change all year on their site.  If you want to get involved see their suggestions about how to help them promote empowered birth on any scale.

The National Rally for Change is happening all over the U.S. TODAY! The purpose is to educate and empower mothers so they are able to make informed choices about their births.The goal is to reduce unnecessary induction & unnecessary c-section rates in the US by bringing awareness to birthing families and the people who love them. If you want to jump in on the action you can see where the closest rally is to your city here.  

DTI will be representing at the National Rally for Change in both Austin, TX and Santa Rosa, CA!  If you see us say hello and come back to see our pictures posted on our FB page!

Let us know what you are doing for Empowered Birth Awareness Week and update us on how it all went down.

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