Happy Holidays Doulas!

We have had an incredible year here at DTI!  Our FIERCE new doula training program is redefining what it means to be a doula and we know from all of you first hand that YOU are FEELING FIERCE in your doula practices.  As your DTI Mentors, nothing makes us more proud!

The New Year has brought about a few changes to DTI.  One addition is ready for sharing:

The DTI tribe has spoken and we listened!  DTI is now offering monthly payment options for all of our Doula Trainings. Now you can hold your spot and pay smaller monthly payments! Join us for a training in New York City, Syracuse, Ithaca, San Francisco, Austin, Houston or Miami.

Here are our top five things to do to survive the holiday season as a doula:

1.  Client Load.  Realistically, how many clients do you want to take on in December?  This will not always be the same each year.  Your families needs will shift and so will your business plan.    Tip:  Put this on your calendar to think about each September rather than finding yourself over extended in December.

If you are a doula without holiday plans, with grown or no children, this is a great time to ramp it up.  Other doulas often are taking on less clients so get out there in the doula community and be sure those other doulas know that you are available for their overflow!

2.  Back Up.  Work out Doula Back Up schedules that make sense.  If you celebrate Christmas, and are also on call, maybe splitting time with a familiar and trusted back up can take away some of the stress for both you and the client.  We have found that clients like this option too. Splitting on call hours on a major holiday can be a win/win for everyone.  Build in extra time in the pre-natals for your back up to join you so that families know your back up well and are comfortable with this arrangement.

3.  Yoga Nidra.  Practice Yoga Nidra (scripts may be found here) to relieve stress and get a break!  Offer this to your clients too.

4.  Gratitude List:  The end of one year and the beginning of another presents the perfect time to look over the past year to see what worked and what didn’t.  A time of personal reflection, renewal and business planning is in order!  DTI is all about evolving as our best selves, best doulas and best businesses.

We suggest starting out with a list of GRATITUDE for all the joy and growth this year has sprung upon you.  What successes do you want more of next year?  What mistakes are you grateful for that brought about change for you and your birth biz?  Think about each month starting from January 2013 and create a powerful list that will provide you with intentions and goals for the next year.

5.  Time for Testimonials!  January is a wonderful time to reconnect with the families you have served over the past year.  Send out some correspondence (in email, newsletter or handwritten form) to stay connected to them. This ritual has served us all well over the years.  It is the perfect time to request testimonials from anyone who wants to contribute.

If you are a new doula and wondering how to get those first testimonials here is a post from last year just for you!

Happy Holidays to everyone in the DTI tribe and much love and support in the New Year.

Love, Tara, Gina and Aimee.

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