Good Things Come In Threes

This year has been a big year for DTI. In the spirit of reflecting on all that has happened in 2012, we wanted to offer our gratitude to all our amazing DTI doulas, to the global birth community that continues to inspire us, and to each other for all the support and love.

In 2012 Tara and Gina asked Aimee to join DTI as a partner to continue our growth. We knew that the power of three would be a force! After all, three is a magic number!

As 2013 is right around the corner we continue to celebrate the number three in many ways.  We are convinced that good things come in threes!



Growth As a doula and mother, I love to watch things grow. I love to care for them, tend to their specific needs, listen, and offer support. Watching DTI grow and blossom is thrilling! We’re listening to what matters to you and taking great care in offering a program that deepens, honors, and inspires the calling to being a doula. We have a vision for a much bigger picture for the role of a doula in our world but we can’t do it alone. We invite you to be part of this growing movement and follow your own bliss!

Trust One thing that I am grateful for every day is the trust that I have in my partners, Tara and Gina. I love that DTI  models our mission: Doulas need Doulas to thrive! Not only is trust our foundation but it continues to teach me about the importance of showing up in a partnership in a way that honors my true self and my partners for their creative genius, business savvy, and huge hearts.

Feminine Energy There is a shift happening all over the world into the feminine. It is a powerful energy that guides us as doulas at births and allows up to open up and support mothers during their postpartum period. This year I have truly allowed myself to embrace and receive the power of feminine intelliegence in the form of intuition and love. It is contagious and change makers all around the world are coming together to make this a reality.

Love, Aimee


This year has been a joyful, awakening and memorable one for me. I have watched three things blossom and unfold right in front of my eyes and I hold such gratitude to each of them.

My family has become a more solid and stronger unit. Watching our daughter grow through the first year of her life and witnessing her personality shine through has brought my husband and I closer on a whole new level. The foundation that holds our family grows and deepens everyday. I so love to look back and see how far we’ve come.

My self as a mother. WOW! Motherhood. No joke! I have literally felt my whole being turn into something new. While I grasp on to glimpses of my past, I celebrate the new parts that make up “me”. I don’t think there is any way to prepare for being a first time mom, it just takes over and you sit back and enjoy the show.

And then DTI. This year, we became three. The solid tripod that DTI rests on. Having Aimee join our team has brought us to new levels. I have so thoroughly enjoyed ALL of our trainings this year. Especially meeting all the amazing women along the way. We are growing everyday and I’m so grateful for the belief and love the birth community has shown us.

I’m excited about a new fresh year. May it bring us lots of laughter!

Love, Gina



Tara and her family have just welcomed baby number three!  Tara’s third child, Sagan, was born just two weeks ago making her family of three children another reminder of this fabulous number.

Love, Tara


We can’t wait to see what next year brings and we look forward to meeting you!

Joy, love, and peace in the new year,


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