Five Black- and WOC-led Birth Organizations Who Deserve Your Support

Five Black- and WOC-led Birth Organizations Who Deserve Your Support

We are a community that is unified in autonomy, cultural humility, reproductive justice and intentional growth. And when we work in a field like birth work—one that has clear racial health disparities and outcomes—we must commit to being anti-racist. For those of us who are white or non-Black, the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery should pull us to a full stop. But we should also continually challenge ourselves and examine our privileges and the harms they cause. We have to commit to do the work, because we have families to serve that rely on us to be better.

At DTI, we are emboldened by people who make anti-racist resources available and do the work required to change the worlds we live in. Today, we would like to amplify five Black- and WOC-led organizations that deserve both your social and financial support.

Editor’s note: Many of these organizations are regular contributors to BORN INTO THIS, our annual conference exploring reproductive health and justice.

Five Black- and WOC-led Birth Organizations Who Deserve Your Support:

1.) Fund the beginning of the South Los Angeles Birth Center in Los Angeles, California.

Founded by doulas and practicing birth workers Allegra Hill and Kimberly Durdin, this birth center will aim to create a safe home for birth in Los Angeles. In the last two years, Hill and Durdin have trained over 200 individuals as birth workers and have participated in and encouraged the formation of groups, healing circles, father’s support, mom’s support, body-positive workshops, low-cost lactation clinics, pelvic floor healing, infant development, mental health support, anti-racism circles, trauma informed trainings, and birth worker trainings. Opening this center will further their vision and reach—and they are currently on a mission to raise $300,000. Click here to help them get there.

2.) Take a pop-up training from or donate to Rebirth+Equity Alliance in Houston, Texas.

Co-founded by Jen Sarduy and Lynne Evans, Rebirth+Equity Alliance builds bridges in the interest of achieving birth justice for marginalized communities across Texas. They’re currently hosting pop-up implicit bias trainings online, and you can donate to their work and/or contract their services year-round. Click here to learn more.

3.) Support Mama Sana Vibrant Woman in Austin, Texas

Based in Austin, Texas, Mama Sana Vibrant Woman facilitates access to culturally appropriate and quality prenatal and postnatal care in Austin. As our neighbors in Texas, we can attest to the far-reaching impacts of their work and the commitment and dedication of their doulas and organizers. Donate to their efforts here.

4.) Learn from and listen to ATNSC Center for Healing and Creative Leadership in Cleveland Ohio.

ATNSC offers healing and creative leadership resources in Cleveland, Ohio and throughout the United States. As one of our community partners, ATNSC has also partnered with DTI to co-host our Indigenous, POC and gender-inclusive trainings. Donate to support their thought leadership and space in Cleveland here.

5.) Buy an issue or fundraise for Everyday Birth Magazine in Richmond, Virginia.

Everyday Birth Magazine is a biannual print and digital magazine for parents, showcasing real-life hospital, birth center, and home birth stories as well as educational content written by professionals. The magazine is funded by subscribers and advertisers who have the same commitment to centering historically and popularly underrepresented people as the publication’s parent organization, The Educated Birth. Currently, Everyday Birth is fundraising for its 2020 print issues, as well as providing PPE to Black midwives and midwives of color. Contribute to their fundraiser and amplify their mission here.


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