Essential Oils Part 3

**Correction** An earlier version said, “To increase milk supply use, Peppermint: Five drops orally several times per day.”


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, like those made by Young Living, can be an amazing natural support system for both new baby and mother. I can confidently say from experience that there is an oil for all the issues, both mental and physical that often arise during this intense transition period. They also have made all the difference in my Postpartum Doula practice. Mother’s really appreciate a non-toxic and fast acting alternative to conventional drugs.

If you haven’t read part 1, or part 2 of this 3 part blog series, please do so before continuing on.

After Birth, anointing baby:

Peace &Calming

Claraderm spray: parents spray on their hands and then baby’s head, face, around outside of eyes, and all over the rest of its body. Repeat several times, several days after birth to boost the immune system, healthy skin growth and good bacteria.
Valor: Bottoms of feet and spine for grounding, calming and courage
Frankincense: Crown of the head
Thieves: Diffuse in the air to support the immune system
Peace & Calming: Bottoms of mother and baby’s feet for calming effect

To increase Lactation:

Fennel: Swallow two drops of the oil in a teaspoon of honey every two hours. Follow with a glass of water.
Joy: Inhale to help calm and soothe as stress may have negative interference with lactation.

To decrease Lactation:

Peppermint: Five drops orally several times per day.

Postpartum Depression:

Thyromin: Take two or three capsules at night to support thyroid gland
Jasmine: Add a few drops to ½ tsp of salt and mix into bath water
Joy: Inhale frequently and diffuse throughout the day
Frankincense: Diffuse or rub on any part of body, inhale

After Birth Care for Mother:

claraderm SprayNingxiaRedJuice

Claraderm Spray: Spray several times a day on vaginal tears. Will heal a tear very quickly!
Ningxia Red Juice: To decrease any inflammation in the body, and postpartum blues, increase energy and immunity, mineralize and nourish the body, and promote healthy lactation. Drink 4-8oz per day.
Multigreens: Fantastic nutritional supplement as well as increases energy. Great when taken in conjunction with Ningxia Red Juice
Purification Oil, Inner Defense Capsules, Ningxia Red Juice and Life 5 Probiotics: All taken daily to combat yeast overgrowth and Thrush.
Lavender, Frankinscense, Deep Relief: Wonderful oils to put on or around a C-Section incision
Trauma Life Essential Oil: A supportive oil for mother and baby after a difficult pregnancy, labor/delivery or postpartum. Inhale, apply on heart, bottoms of feet, spine, or on a specific place on the body where trauma occurred.




For more information on the why’s and how’s of essential oils, or how to obtain Young Living Essential Oils, please feel free to contact me, Kyle Ellen Nuse at: and follow me on FB: Empower Your Birth and Young Living Essential Oils

Kyle is a teacher and practitioner of natural health and a Postpartum Doula in NYC and Vermont.

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