DTI’s Love Letter to Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein



DTIDear Ricky and Abby,

Thank you so much for your genuine passion and commitment to improving maternity care.  As doulas, we share this commitment with you each and every day.  When you came out with The Business of Being Born we cheered you on.  We took off our clogs and put on our heels to attend red carpet events in your honor.  Our partners and friends joined us as we cried, clapped, and felt the powerful energy of the film with you. 

More Business of Being Born and specifically Part 3 “Explore Your Options” has made us want to form a circle, hold hands and sing!  Thank you for taking the time to interview and feature such lovely, committed and informed doulas. This film will be so valuable to pregnant women and families, as well as doulas, doula trainers, childbirth educators etc. Contemporary educational materials in the birth world are slim for the pickin’.  Now that MBOBB is here I feel our options literally opening up. 

Great work Ladies.




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