DTI Introduces New Partnership With Health Software Company, Maternity Neighborhood

DTI Introduces New Partnership With Health Software Company, Maternity Neighborhood

This week, we’re excited to announce a new partnership for DTI—an ongoing collaboration with Maternity Neighborhood to provide our members with the data collection and communication tools they need to best support their clients and families.

What is Maternity Neighborhood?

Maternity Neighborhood leverages the power of technology and community to help providers transform their business practices and increase access to high-quality, relationship-based care for everyone. They provide technological tools for providers looking to better connect and communicate with their clients about their care.

How did this partnership come to be?

At DTI, we recognize that a collaborative effort to collect and analyze birth outcomes data from our clients is a critical next step to move our professional community forward. Not only will a synchronized system for data collection help increase opportunities for funding doulas through insurance or health plan reimbursement, it will also help us to evaluate our own programs and determine where our trainings need to improve.

“We know our training programs are powerful and effective in preparing doulas for professional work, but we also live in a constantly changing world and need a system for continuously evaluating and improving our offerings. This partnership with Maternity Neighborhood is part of an overarching effort to track data and support DTI members in an ongoing way”. — DTI co-founder, Tara Brooke

So, hatched over many months, this partnership with Maternity Neighborhood will provide a data collection and workflow tool specifically designed for independent doulas who need to track and communicate with the families they serve.  The benefit for all of us in partnering is more than just sharing expertise and resources—it’s part of a much needed effort for every individual and organization to do their part to make high quality maternity care available to every birthing person. We are excited to see where this new endeavor leads and how we can support every birth worker in the US to reach their potential.

What can DTI members expect from this partnership?

The partnership begins with an exclusive offering of Maternity Neighborhood’s Independent Doula version of their software (all DTI members will receive a monthly discount of $7 to use the platform and its services for their clients) . Maternity Neighborhood is working with us to make sure that their features meet the needs of modern doulas, and over the next year they’ll be engaging with our community to improve upon the services they provide.

If you’re curious about the platform or our membership program, click here to learn a little more about Maternity Neighborhood and what our ongoing membership offers.

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