DTI Gift-Guide 2016

The holiday season is upon us! The DTI Gift Guide is here!

We have curated some of our own favorite items, intended to enhance your life and birth business. Our 2016 theme of collaborative entrepreneurship has introduced us to some incredible companies we have made friends with this year.  Each item and company have the DTI thumbs up both in design, mission and products!

These companies featured below are here because we have amazing things to say about them, both in design, mission and products!  Seriously, #allthefeels.   So whether you are buying gifts for friends and family, or sharing with your secret gift list, there’s something for everyone!



1. Doulas know the importance of the pelvic floor. That’s why we love Minna Life’s kGoal pelvic floor trainer. The Limon massager is made for pleasure – whether by yourself or with a partner-we have put it to the test and we promise these are both fun items;)
2. Icon pee-proof undies keep you dry and odor-free. Bidet attachments by Tushy keep your dirtiest bits super clean–believe us, your tushy will be thanking you. Both are made by THINX, the geniuses behind period-proof underwear.  Basically, if you haven’t become super intimate with THINX yet, you must.  All the peoples need to know about them and DTI stands behind #everythingthinx.
3. DTI’s talented doula and chiropractor, Dr. Tijana Sefic-Eby, DC hand makes her HealthyBEingNaturals products. The BugOff Mist, FreshBeing Mist natural deodorant, and Achy Salve are just what the doctor ordered!  Dr Tijana is a DTI doula, DTI Ambassador and one badass woman.  If you don’t know her personally, introduce yourself to her when you buy one of her items and you’ll see what we mean.
4. Have fun with the doula trucker hat by Mother Sun and the Captain! (And constantly be asked, “What’s a doula?”)  Empowered Birth Project has them on their site too #doublewin
5. Who doesn’t love subtly incorporating breasts into every day life? Insert the Boob Hook by Thing Industries. The perfect thing to hang your doula sweatshirt, nursing bra, or baby carrier on!



For Business:

doula-business-11. Hand-made bracelets from WristsbyWilkes are beautiful and “meant to be shared, worn, and loved daily.” Wear one to your next doula interview to spark mindful conversations.
2. The Madewell Medium Transport Tote is perfect for a doula interview, business meeting, or just lunch with friends. In black or brown, it matches every wardrobe. And the space inside – finally a bag to carry our laptop, notebook, wallet, phone, keys…you get the idea.
3. MakeMyNotebook has beautiful notebooks, perfect for business brainstorming, prenatals, or checking off your holiday list. Keep your eye out for a DTI designed notebook in collaboration with this rad company next year (hint hint;)
4. Luci Inflatable Solar Light by MPOWERD is perfect mood lighting for a birth setting. It’s also totally collapsible, so it fits nicely in your doula bag!  We like to take these to all the births and postpartum overnights for that solar powered light just when you need it.


We hear a lot of buzz about self- care, and we would like to get more chatter going
about COMMUNITY-care. Individualism is all fine and well, but no bubble bath, meditation, or massage is going to heal a person who doesn’t feel supported by those around them.  So first and for most be sure to check in with the DTI community at large either at a meeting this December or online on our private FB page for Members Only.  We hear you and we see you.

For the quick fix self care of you or a loved one check out these items:


1. Made by DTI, the EOdoula set is the perfect self care tool. The oils will power you through your next birth, or wind you down for rest when you get home and everyone else is asleep.  Only DTI thinks to make sets for doulas to use in unison across the globe.  Did I say #doulatogether

2. The BUILT glass water bottles are a stylish way to stay hydrated. We love carrying ours to teach trainings and classes to births and to overnight postpartum gigs.  If only DTI had a central water cooler we could all meet at to refill!
3. The PARA’KITO mosquito repellent roll-on and bands will help you keep safe from the swarm of mosquitoes, especially if you live in the South (where they’re still necessary during the holidays!).
4. The Seekers of Good tagline made Yuni Beauty a perfect match for DTI. Doulas are continually seeking to bring more healing, ease, and luxury to our clients. We know you can’t scratch-and-sniff, but trust us, the all-purpose body balm smells heavenly and the shower sheets leave us feeling fresh midway through a long birth or on the yoga mat.
5. Know someone in need of pampering? The BioRepublic Pomegranate Crush and Aloe Rescue masks are the answer: refreshing, soothing, and restorative.  I even did a “spa day” at home with my kids and used these, and they totally thought it was for them!#momwin  These would be great to offer to clients too.

Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!

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