DTI Favorites: 7 Birth World Illustrators To Watch 2019

DTI Favorites: 7 Birth World Illustrators To Watch 2019

DTI Favorites: 7 Birth World Illustrators To Watch 2019


In an Internet landscape that oftentimes polices representations of the birth world and its intersections, we’re continually inspired by the artists using design to shatter taboos and share the lives of parents, mothers, childbirth educators, doulas and birth workers. Here’s a growing catalogue of artists we’ve found (or have worked with at DTI) who use their skills to reveal the realities of the birth and everything associated with it.

1. @cheyvarner 

Cheyenne Varner is a jack(ie) of all trades. She’s a doula, photographer, writer and creator of @theeducatedbirth and @everydaybirth. Her engaging and educational illustrations equip expecting parents for “well-informed and empowering birth.”

2. @cosmic.birth 

@cosmic.birth features mostly dreamy, galactic illustrations of babies, mamas, and mamas out intertwined with the forces of nature. Amanda Foley, who sells her mostly black and white prints via Etsy,  is also a doula and mother. 

3. @joolsannie 

@joolsannie, another artist to follow, specializes in sketches and watercolor birth portraits. The work is honest, soft, simple and approachable; anyone can email this mother to get their own portrait drawn.

4. @thelanguageofbirth

Stepha Lawson has a BIG Instagram following—and for obvious reasons. This doula/artist/mother has a diverse account of artwork and design featuring profound symbols of motherhood and birth. Prints are for sale via this mama’s Instagram.

5. @duvet_days


@duvet_days uses the power of design to champion body awareness and self discovery while supporting those affected by domestic abuse and rape. The graphics do an exceptional job of balancing informational diagrams with color and composure. 

6. @spiritysol 

Mother Catie Atkinson depicts everyday life through art. Her work shows mamas balancing daily duties like caring for children, running errands as well as practicing self care and wellness. She also draws on birthing stones, which are all sent out with a birth affirmation card and crystal.

7. @wordbaskets

Doula Kyla Krug-Meadows’ acrylic work is enchanting, often presenting vivid, moving bodies over dark backgrounds or hand drawn black and white portraits. Krug is a full-spectrum doula and certified yoga teacher whose work is also available for purchase. 

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