DTI and Rock Your Birth Business UNITE!

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One element of DTI that we truly believe in is our desire to educate and prepare women to become entrepreneurs, right from the beginning of our training program. This is why we have re-imagined a new model for modern doulas! Our unique 9-month program supports doulas and fosters the skills they need as they take the first steps of their journey and embark on a new career path. DTI is the only doula training program that incorporates everything that a doula needs to know to build a long lasting career as a doula–right from the start.

We offer a mentorship program like no other.  Actually, there aren’t any other programs that offer 9 months of unlimited doula mentorship while you are training to become a doula.  And here’s what we are hearing directly from the mouth of someone who just completed a postpartum doula training with us:

“Wow, I so appreciate that.  When you guys say you mentor, you mean it”

This is exciting stuff.  It’s about to get even better.

DTI’s doula trainings just got bigger, deeper, and brighter! DTI has joined forces with My Birth Business Rocks (MBBR) a program developed by birth visionaries, Karen Brody and Stephanie Dawn. Our partnership is paving the way for a new day when birth workers become thriving, profitable business women. Every doula who trains with DTI will have the option to enroll in MBBR’s 7-week online course, absolutely FREE!

That’s right! Like us, Karen and Stephanie believe that birth workers are the key to changing the birth culture. We know that in order for this to happen we need to stay ignited and inspired in our work. And if we are putting all of our time and energy into this, we need to value ourselves and feel compensated for doing what we love. This partnership was a no-brainer for us. Any doula who signs up for our training will not only experience our ongoing mentorship and business training created specifically for doulas, but will also deepen their knowledge and learn from two women who are devoted to shifting the paradigm of birth in our field.

We are beyond inspired and excited!


And for our 2013 training dates and registration, click on our logo….Don’t wait any longer. Register today and  start your journey now.


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