Ask A DTI Doula: What Is A Full-Spectrum Doula Training?

Ask A DTI Doula: What Is A Full-Spectrum Doula Training?

What does it look like to become a doula? What are some of the birth world’s most pressing issues? In our new series, Ask A DTI Doula, DTI educators and trained doulas will answer some of our community’s questions.

For the first in the series, we are proud to share an interview with DTI Lead Educator Becky Alford, exploring the meaning of our full-spectrum doula trainings.


Who: Becky Alford (she/her)

Becky Alford is a birth and postpartum doula, CLC and the Lead Educator for DTI. Her professional interests include compassionate cesarean support, sibling transitions and creating inclusive practices. She lives with her partner, three kids, two cats and her puppy deep in the forest of Vermont.


So, Becky, what is a full-spectrum doula training?

This means that beyond teaching approaches to social justice and gender inclusivity, every DTI training will includes foundational lessons in reproductive health which includes cycle awareness, birth control options, abortion, loss, and fertility- all through the lens of reproductive justice.

Why is a full-spectrum approach to doula work important?

In our current political climate, it is imperative that we have skilled and effective doulas that are trained in all aspects of reproductive health. We need advocates, we need change-makers. We need good listeners, and we need access to accurate information. I believe that we need Full Spectrum Doulas—specifically social-justice-minded, critical thinking Full Spectrum Doulas—and we need them now.

How can I become a full-spectrum birth and post-partum doula?

There are so many ways. If you are not currently a doula or you are a doula that did not certify with DTI, you can take our Full-Spectrum doula trainings, which include Birth, Postpartum, and Reproductive Health to become a certified Full-Spectrum Doula.

If you are a birth worker that just wants to learn more about Reproductive Health, but is not interested in pursuing doula certification, you can also take the Reproductive Health piece as a stand-alone online course. (The Reproductive Health course includes cycle awareness, abortion, birth control, fertility and assisted technologies and loss.)

If you are a certified DTI doula, you can upgrade your certification to Full-Spectrum as part of one of your membership perks. (If you are not yet certified, but you are a trained DTI doula, you can also take the course without certification as a membership perk.)

How can I get involved?

It has been my summer passion project to bring this course to life. I am thrilled to be offering this cutting edge curriculum first to Atlanta beginning August 22. (We still have spots in that training if you are called to join us!)

If you can’t make it there, there are Full-Spectrum trainings coming up in Austin, NYC, California, and online. You can reach out to me at with any questions and you can also browse our training calendar to learn more!


Curious about DTI’s programs? Click here to learn more about becoming a doula through the different programs we offer.

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