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Doulas for the most part love their Dansko clogs. Clogs are part of doula culture and doula couture, if you will.

They are pretty practical.  As labor doula’s we often step in and out of our clogs quickly to get in a position close to a mother to help her through her contraction.  Sometimes we step onto a bed, in a tub, or on a towel where it is more appropriate not to have your shoes on.  Our  friend Sarah says “Clogs are easy to wipe down if any fluid or blood gets on them. They slip on and off quickly so it's easy to leave them at the door after walking quietly into a client's home. They have good support for all of those hours that you may be on your feet leaning over a woman in labor. They give you that worker/servant style; like chefs and teachers and European doctors.”

“At first, I didn't love them but I'm not a tennis shoes kind of gal so I stuck to them. Then after awhile I understood why people (nurses, doulas, midwives, docs) wore them. You can be on your feet for hours and not get sore” says Gina. The clogs are known for comfort and support.  We found this on The Undercover Waitress blog that  describes why they work so well: 

  • Famous "rocker-bottom" soles. The rocking motion when you walk prevents fatigue.
  • Firm arch support also prevents fatigue and takes care of your foot while walking.
  • Roomy toe box in a fashionable and nice-looking shoe. Toes are comfortable; you look great!
  • Superior shock absorption rivals athletic footwear. 
  • Leather shoes are anti-microbial. (Microbes = eewww.) 

If you are a new doula you will buy your first pair of clogs and where them like a badge.  When you go to a doula meeting in your community you will leave them at the door with lots and lots of other clogs.  While walking down the street you will notice others wearing them and get the clog nod.  Clogs are worn, have stories behind them and carry wisdom. What do you remember about your first pair?

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